Anyone know anything about this boat? Slalom worthy or not so much?

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Anyone know anything about this boat? Looks like a good deal but is it slalom worthy??
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    Link didn't work for me
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    Says right in the link post error, error msg
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    More than slalom notch. Doesn't appear in dash pic to have speed control so just drop in perfect pass or better yet stargazer speed control. Very flexible boat in terms of space, awesome slalom boat, good barefoot boat.
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    That is what I ski behind, great boat and pretty good price.
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    @6balls , I emailed him to check for sure. Cruise control is going to be a necessity for the next boat that I get. I like the extra horsepower and am hoping the suppression plate will make the wake even flatter! I booked it out using NADA guide and the price is darn good.

    @SDNAH2OSKIER , do you ski behind a hammerhead barefoot version or a standard LXI?

    Thanks @skibrain , if you ski behind one and like it then that increases my confidence considerably. Thanks for the input.
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    1996 Malibu Echelon
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    You will want to take that plate off. Makes the wake hard.
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    @gt2003 that should be a rocket ship with that engine and @rodltg2 is correct, for 32+ MPH slalom I would take the plate off (it's actually a scarpa suppression plate, designed by Ron Scarpa). If you are skiing in the mid 20 MPH range the plate actually helps. It's mainly a piece to help with the footing wake (makes the table firmer and defines the lip of the wake a little more).

    Also the tower on that boat is a rare piece. It's no longer made so it's a desirable feature. They are also one of the sturdiest towers out there and Malibu did a good job on installing them so the hull will never have any issues from it.

    If I was looking for a used slalom I would be lusting after that one even with out speed control.
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    I have the '04 LXI with the 340hp Monsoon. Love the slalom wake. 500 hours and no problems whatsoever. No wedge on the boat you're looking at, which may or may not be an issue. One item, however, that you should probably research...when I was shopping for my boat, I seem to recall some issues with the Hammerhead burning oil. I recall it impacting some years and not others. Probably worth understanding, especially with this one just off a rebuild.
    @gt2003 lxi 340 Monsoon I have weighed as much as 210lb and the boat pulls me out effortlessly. I cant see any reason for more power. The boat is in excellent shape, however we had our first issue with it this weekend, looks like the transmission seal(s) may have failed. It did not strand us but probably going to be few hundred to pull it out and correct it. That and we have the servo controlled PP that we cant seem to dial in. Otherwise we love it.
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    I have 2003 LXI w 340 monsoon as well. 850 hrs. Great boat! Highly recommend stargazer vs traditional pp. You won't be disappointed. Only gripe for me bow will submarine with adults sitting up front.
    @Rivvy yep, with the open bow you have to be attentive to taking water over the bow. I doubt it happens much in calm water but even crossing your own wake to pick up a skier requires some strategic throttle input to keep the bow up.
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    Mine has the monsoon with 1125 ish hours and going strong. If no one is up front (on my boat no one ever is) when you cross your own wake, just go at an angle and you will not take on water.
    This looks like a very nice boat.
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