When to buy a boat

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So I am trying to figure out if I should wait to buy a "new" (to me anyway) boat until the spring or if I should buy one in the next month or two.

The boat I am looking for is an "older" boat - '95 Nautique 196 and newer or a Mastercraft 190. I have seen a few on SIA in the Iowa/Indiana/Michigan/IL area (as far away as I am willing to drive to check it out). Money is tight so I don't want to spend a ton. I don't need a perfect boat - I have 3 young kids - but I do want a great wake. Price range is is in the teen k's - prefer the lower half of that. Ideas and thoughts? Thanks Ballers!


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    Buy in the next month or two. It's still warm enough to test drive and test ski, and there are probably fewer people competing to buy the boat you want. Demand and maybe price goes up in the spring.
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    Dec-Jan is a great time if you are willing to go without a test drive in the colder states. Prices start going up after boat show for newer boats, not sure that has much impact on old ones.
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    September/October is a great time to buy a boat as dbutcher stated. Prices will likely be highest in the spring because demand is highest then. People who are wanting to sell are likely wanting to get rid of the boat before winter comes so they don't have to store it. I bought my '97 MC 190 in September two years ago (480 hours, tower, no PP, very good condition and well maintained) -- the seller was originally asking $15K then kept lowering his asking price down to $13K. I told him I could afford $12K and he went for it because he knew demand would keep dwindling as it got later into fall.
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    Thanks for the input guys!
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