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So I recently received my new HO Superlite TX and am very happy with the ski. There is just one little question I have since it is my first ski that I own myself.

How should I maintain my ski for a long and good life of it ?


  • JordanJordan Posts: 1,277 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    Not much....the less direct sun the better. Avoid keeping it places that get super hot.
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    Keep it out of the sun. Don't let it get knocked around inside of the boat. Check your fin's measurements to verify they have not shifted. Make sure all fasteners are tight. If you do take the fin box apart - use anti-seize when re-assembling.

    Finally - use it and have fun.
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    ...and if you don't maintain may have a reason to buy a new one....... >:)>:)
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    Six things I would suggest in addition to the good suggestions noted above: 1) keep it in a ski bag or sock when not in use, including in the boat before and after you ski; 2) get a fin protector and use it when ever the ski is not in use (H2OProShop sells a nice one, and FinFirkins work well, too); 3) avoid loaning your ski to friends if you can - you will take better care of your stuff than they will; 4) don't leave your ski in a hot car; 5) avoid putting your ski on on the dock unless it has some sort of pad or carpet, and never stand on the ski when the fin is carrying any of your weight (hang the tail of the ski over the edge of the platform, etc.) and 6) change the oil every 3000 miles. Item six aside, if you take care of your gear, it will look and perform like new for years to come.
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    I would also recommend checking the binding fasteners frequently, more at first until you are comfortable they are staying snug and check the fin fasteners also. I like to loosen then tighten the fin screws periodically to make sure they are not corroding, and as noted, dab some anti seize on them every once in a while. Keeping it in a dry spot out of sunlight is paramount as noted above.
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    Thanks everyone.
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    I always rinse all my ski gear with "Salt Away"... Though I often ski in brackish (semi-salt) water. Corrosion is enemy No. 1 for me!
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