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Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a boat in Texas and have it shipped to Minnesota. Does anyone know of a reliable shipper that could put the boat and trailer on a flat bed and haul it to me? I'd rather not have it be towed behind a vehicle and put all of those miles on a trailer that I'm not familiar with. It's a Mastercraft 197. Thanks and all suggestions are welcomed!


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    I have used twice now. Once from St. Petersburg, FL to my home in San Diego, CA. It was a 25 ft. fishing boat on a trailer. I had the bearings re packed by the sellers mechanic. It was during the Great Recession so I got a great deal at 1,700. Most bids were 2,500. Another boat I had shipped from Galveston, TX to Tucson on a trailer for $ 1000 by uship shipper. You place your boat to be shipped and shippers bid on it. If you have it shipped on a flat bed it is going to be major money. Have the bearings replaced or re packed. Both shippers I gave 5 stars.
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    I am having a boat shipped as we speak. I can give you his contact if you pm me
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    I used uship when we bought our Carbon Pro. As stated above put your boat in the listings, drivers bid on it. Talk to the seller and ensure the bearings and tires are good.
    What's the downside a few miles on the tires? The bids were much higher for guys with goose necks than guys willing to pull it.
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    good idea to verify the tow vehicle and insurance status of the driver. We had a college kid with a jeep wrangler bid on ours. If you have any RV factories in your area you can figure out who they use and see if you can have a driver bring the boat to you on a back haul after making a factory delivery.
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    Talk to these guys, they do mainly bigger boats but they are semi local. Company was started by a friend of mine and then sold to one of his friends when he moved to Washington.

    Edit - well maybe not - looks like business is up for sale
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    Midwest Express haulers brought our 196 up from TX to WI in the spring for $600. Great price, and great service. I used the name-your-own-price on UShip.
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. If I have the dealer shrink wrap it, is it everyone's consensus that it should tow okay and be protected from the elements? Might just be cheaper to put new tires and repack the bearings and have it towed instead of the flatbed option...
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    @samomoomoo where's it at in texas?
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    hand mine shrink wrapped before transport from California to Indiana and it was money well spent. The dealer put some padding under the wrap along the windshield and along the bow. It made it through an ice storm in south dakota- the wrapping was covered in crap but boat was perfectly clean.
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  • samomoomoosamomoomoo Posts: 8 Baller
    It's in Houston Texas.
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    edited October 2015 worked great for me earlier this summer when I had my RLXi shipped from IN to CA. All said and done, it cost $1,700 to be transported about 2,300 miles on a 40' flatbed trailer, excluding tip, which the guy almost didn't accept because I helped him unload the boat. (Bruce Beard is a good man!)

    Uship will try to get you to buy their insurance, but it's not necessary if the shipper has their own. Definitely make sure whoever you go with has all the necessary credentials and insurance.
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    the better you protect the better the boat will look on arrival
    Check your and the drivers insurance to make sure your covered.
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    @samomoomoo Have you found a shipping solution yet?
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    I did and hopefully I'll have it next week. Sent you a PM. Will post my whole long distance purchase experience once it's over. It's going soooo smoothly, I don't want to jinx it!
  • samomoomoosamomoomoo Posts: 8 Baller
    Just a quick summary. Got the boat back to MN just this past week. Everything went off without a hitch! Along the way, I worked with a lot of people in Houston, TX. Hats off to Dockside Marine, their shrink wrapper named Chip, the marina across the street named Inland Marine and my fantastic shipper who delivered my boat on a flatbed - Mick! If anyone needs any referrals for shipping a boat or working through some logistics, let me know. Bad thing is, I've got to put this fantastic boat in storage for the winter next week. :( Can't wait for spring. Thanks to all who helped. Especially to socalskier who helped me find Mick.
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    Same thing happened to me. Bought my boat same time of year. It sat on my driveway for about 6 days before I had to winterize. Didn't even put it in the water. Sitting in the boat on the driveway was the best I could do.
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