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Kids combo skis wanted

bobbulferbobbulfer Posts: 38 Baller
I'm curious if anyone has a pair of 59" obrien jr amigos or vortexs, connelly super sports, or ho blasts for sale. Not much on ski it again. My 6 son is on a pair of ho hot shots and can get up fine long line and cross wakes. There is no rear toe plate on the hotshots so slalom is not an option. I would like him to start in course next summer on 2 but am considering going with a 63 inch ski like a radar total awesomeness and putting on a jr wiley boot on front. I'm just afraid he may be a little young for that yet and would be better off make passes in course on 2.


  • ALPJrALPJr Posts: 2,099 Mega Baller
    edited November 2015
    HO Blast 63 combo
  • LZywicki1LZywicki1 Posts: 363 Crazy Baller
    @bobbulfer I have a pair of Amigo's that are collecting dust.for the past 10 years. Both of my girls rode them for a year each. Just need to make sure the bindings are good.
    First thing we get rid of the safety equipment
  • bobbulferbobbulfer Posts: 38 Baller
    @LZywicki1 that would be great. Were they jr amigo's like 54"long. How old were your girls when they used them? If bindings are good shoot me a message on price and a pic if possible.
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