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Senate Graphite or Vapour Alloy 2016

LuckydaveLuckydave Posts: 2 New Baller
I am after some advice and opinions. In the past I have done very little slalom skiing, but when I have I use a mates ski. I'm looking at getting my own so I can improve. The last couple of years I have ridden a Radar Vice Room 38 and absolutely love the speed and acceleration and the way it slices through the wake. At a demo day over the weekend I rode a Senate Lithium and Vapour Lithium 67 inch. Both were excellent skis, the Vapour seemed to be more aggressive while the Senate seemed a lot smoother. Both were flighty when cruising having a break (I know they are designed to be on edge all the time). I felt like I skied better on the Senate but my off turns were better on the Vapour. I am 77 kgs and 43. My limit for budget will get me a Vapour Alloy or a Senate Graphite with standard front open boot and rear ARTP which I am happy with. The little heel bootie may be off advantage to give my rear foot better stability.
So the question - Am I better off getting the better material Senate Graphite or the newer shape (skinnier) Vapour Alloy. I normally jump on a ski and ski at a comfortable speed for the ski not a set speed. I test rode both the top of the line skis at 32 MPH and felt comfortable on them both. Will I, as a hack that loves the speed, notice much difference in the different materials.
I can get a new Vice Room 38 with the same bindings for a little less. Is it silly considering such a buy?
Any advice or suggestions are very welcome.


  • eddie_roberts_jreddie_roberts_jr Posts: 450 Water Ski Industry Professional
    The Vice is an older ski that worked just fine for its time but the Vapor shape is considerably better. I'm thinking the Vapor Alloy is the ski for you unless you can afford the Lithium version which is all carbon and has the lighter PVC core.
  • LuckydaveLuckydave Posts: 2 New Baller
    Thanks Eddie. I am leaning towards the Vapour Alloy at the moment.
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