Best webcam for the lake

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Now that I have high speed internet at the lake (but with expensive data) I would like to get up a webcam

I'm looking to capture an image say every half hour and upload it for later viewing (time lapse) plus live video on demand.

I want 4K quality for $3.50. Ok I want reasonable quality but it's just for fun so price is a factor. I would prefer it to wifi back to my access point and mains power is available. Any suggestions?


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    I don't know what hardware they use, but the warman lake ski club has a cool webcam and weather info on their site:

    Was always curious what hardware they used, maybe someone will chime in.
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    These work pretty good: The only downside is that when zoomed in all the way they take on around a 20 degree down angle. When zoomed out they will barely hit the horizon if level. I mounted on an angle to counteract, since up against the building I don't need to zoom or see very high. I will try to attach a couple captures that show zoomed all the way in and out. I am not sure if they pull data when your aren't accessing. You can set them to take a series of shots and email or FTP to you when they detect motion and can remotely view video and pan/tilt/and zoom
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    I've had a Nest for a year now and it works great. During the summer I pay the extra coin for the video history option so if anyone screws with the boat I'll have it on video. Otherwise it's just the $200 cost of the camera and wifi. Great picture as long as you have good wifi connectivity.

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    I too have a nest cam. Had it for the last two years, we use ours indoors to check in on our boxers during the day. We keep them in crates while we are at work. Im not sure of its waterproof abilities so if possible keep inside, but the footage is good and it auto switches to night vision when its dark.
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    You can now buy outdoor enclosures for the Nest so as long as you have a power outlet nearby you're golden.
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