What's It Worth? -2004 MC 197 200 hours

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Trying to help a friend determine an asking price for this boat. Quick background - this boat belonged to one of my best ski buddies, who unfortunately passed away in late 2008 of lung cancer at age 40. Never smoked a day in his life, just one of those unfortunate things. His wife has kept it all these years but never used it more than a few times a year herself, mostly just to float around on the local Wally lake with family. Has finally decided it's time to go to a new home so she's contemplating putting it up for sale this spring.

Boat was purchased brand new in 2004, is red and white and is in immaculate condition. Always garaged, always properly winterized and maintained, my buddy Mark was as anal about care and maintenance as anyone you'd ever meet and his wife continued with that.

MCX engine, Perfect Pass Classic, single axle trailer, bimini, 200 hours. No tower, this is/was a skier's ski boat. I've looked at onlyinboards.com (only a couple comperables there and both have towers) and nadaguides.com but I'm sure I'll get better info here. Appreciate any/all info/input. Thank you.
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    At Midwest Mastercraft there is a 2004 with 335 hours, upgraded LQ9 motor I think they called it...the caddy northstar with 400 hp...and a tower for asking $25,900.

    If that is priced anywhere near fairly, discount for a tower and the motor upgrade and probably $22ish?
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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    I would +1 with Ed on this. Mark wouldn't let a speck of dirt on this boat and he was super anal about it. He was also a great friend. It's a phenomenally well cared for boat and if it goes up for sale it would be worth the price.
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    My guess is you're in the 22.5K-27.5K range, depending on what time of the year it's sold and the area of the country, and how active the market is.

    If you can afford to wait a while, that makes it all the more likely that you can get the price you want. If you want it gone tomorrow, sell at the bottom end of the range.

    Mike van Meeteren
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