Skiing in NYC

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For those who live in NYC, where do you ski?

Is there a ski school type of set up nearby?

Thanks, I might need to relocate there for a while, hence the question.


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    Twin Lakes Ski Club, Monroe, NY, Exit 16 on the NYS Thruway. Nice spot.
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    You can contact Twin Lakes membership director Maurice Herman. jmauriceherman at hotmail dot com
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    Did you insert that email as a link or has my browser learned how to parse emails in that jumbled format? I wouldn't be surprised if bots are taking a closer look at those jumbled email addresses these days.
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    Thanks guys, anymore options? or is this the best and look no further?
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    You can never have enough potential places to ski.  I remember a write up a year or so ago in waterski magazine about somewhere up on the northern end of Long Island.  Anybody else recall ?  I'd check the tournament guide for that region and see where there were events held last season in that area.
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    There is a 4 ball site on Long Island. membership is not expensive but there is no club boat. Most club members own boats. Cub policy is that any member that shows up gets in the running order, and ther is a fee established each year per set. In prctise you need to work in with a couiple iof the groups as there is no guarantee that anybody will be there when you show up. The site was written up in the June 1997 water ski magazine article on skiing in New York.

     The water is clear and deep so the site skiis well. Read the article if you are interested
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    I am a member at Twin Lakes in Monroe, NY.  We have a two lake site with 2 Record capable slalom courses and a jump ramp.  2 Malibus and a resident driver/coach.  I believe there are memberships available.  PM me if you want more details. 
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