The next ski lake?

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    Hmm...good luck with acceptance of 6.2 liter and 5.3 liter direct injection v8's running up and down one of those :)
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    I would like to know what treatment they have to do to the water to keep it that clear over time.
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    Interesting. If you look closely there are several "locations" shown in the clip. One is San Alfonso in Chile which is listed as the worlds largest pool. Here's a video of that pool which has some specifics included -

    Essentially the water is just treated salt water (so probably need to be close to the ocean to do it). The clip above shows power boats (pontoon) and certainly should be able to handle a ski boat. That said it would be an expensive ski lake!!
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    This is sorta' what I figured @eleeski could do in Hawaii. Dig out a ski pond next to the surf and fill it with sea water.
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    @jipster43 ... Good luck with that. I spent years trying to build a Private Course in Hawaii, a very Liberal State, that has HUGE Environmental Hurdles. Their exact words with me were, "We not only control the water above the ground, we also control the water under it."

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    @scotchipman - It would be amazing, but are you sure the "Light winds" thing is accurate? Maybe it was seasonal, but we had pretty steady strong winds when there last year....Who cares in the big scheme of things, its Hawaii, and its by the ocean - but it would be cool
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    I lived there 10 years and Scot is correct. Because the trade winds come out of the NE, the South sides of the Islands are a totally different world than the North Shore. That being said, I have found several locations to put in a Private Lake, even bought property to do it. The big problem is the political structure and the politics you have to deal with. It is a shame, because this is the greatest and most beautiful environment you could ever ski in.

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    why ask for permission ? just do it!
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    in looking at the two videos above i can say with absolute certainly the various sites shown -both real and virtual - would suck for slalom because they all have several vertical sidewalls. even in very small quantities these vertical surfaces would produce huge backwash problems.
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    @mwetskier if one could afford to build one of those sites I think you could afford to make The shoreline sloped!
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    @Ed_Johnson water rights are pretty touchy everywhere. Montana has probably seen the last of the ski lakes to be dug. I was hoping there would be less restrictions in Hawaii if you were to use ocean water as opposed to the fresh stuff.
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