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Thumb joint fusion

HPskier1HPskier1 Posts: 48 Baller
So really feeling old today as I contemplate having surgery this Wed. I've been diagnosed with what seems as a minor deal, osteoarthritis of the joint at the base of my thumb next to the wrist. I originally spoke to my hand surgeon and we discussed several options including reworking the joint with a tendon from my wrist which he stated may leave me with significantly less grip strength. After showing him a video of slalom he said that if I really like doing that it would probably be better to fuse the joint which would allow me to have much better grip strength. I agreed and we scheduled surgery for this Wed. Now I'm getting nervous about it due to the loss in range of motion which may make it difficult to even put on my BOA gloves. Has anyone out there ever had this surgery or something similar that could give me an idea on the affect or issues you may be having? Also at 48 I have lots of years of sking ahead of me and this may give me my best long term outcome. I'm also hoping for about a six week recovery which would be in time for ski season
Thanks for any experiences


  • gregygregy Posts: 2,583 Mega Baller
    edited March 2016
    Me, I wouldn't rush into it and get some other opinions. If I'd listened to the first hand specialist I went to when I injured my finger I'd be missing a good part of one of my fingers right now. I try to get 3 opinions for any major decisions like that.

    The first hand specialist I went to was a brilliant doctor and I think if I had to get hand surgery I would consider him to do it. He was just a little too eager in my case to practice his trade. The second opinion was an older doctor that was much more conservative in his approach. It worked out and I was able to keep my finger.

    I had surgery scheduled, called the doctor office the day before and cancelled. The doctor even called me back trying to convince me I should do it. Glad I didn't listen to him!
  • mwetskiermwetskier Posts: 1,337 Mega Baller
    @gregy -you do realize that canceling your surgery with the first guy may have made him go a little short on his polo pony feed bill for a month two.... right?
  • MrJonesMrJones Posts: 1,786 Mega Baller
    Did you discuss joint replacement?
  • ski6jonesski6jones Posts: 1,065 Mega Baller
    How does that impact your skiing? Not sure about everyone else, but I don't think I use my thumb all that much to hold the handle. Maybe on the getup, but I don't think I use it much once in the coarse. It's been 4 months since I skied so my recollection could be a bit foggy.
    Carl Addington, Lakes of Katy, Texas
  • mwetskiermwetskier Posts: 1,337 Mega Baller
    as long as you can still use your thumb to hitch a ride to the lake you should be fine.
  • thagerthager Posts: 4,875 Mega Baller
    @ski6jones I don't use my thumbs either.
    Stir vigorously then leave!
  • sagilbertsagilbert Posts: 10 New Baller
    Hi HPskier1! Your original post was back in 2016. Just wondered if you had surgery, whether or not it has impacted your skiing, and how the surgery has impacted your day-to-day life? I have some wrist issues, too, so it would be great to hear your story. Thanks!
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