Anyone ever use a 2 foot shock tube



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    No science or data for the tubes...sounds like smarter handle management from skiers carries more weight. I have not always been good about this (understatement). Most likely I should think a little less about my score and more about my health and the safety of the people in the boat. Easier to do with advancing age, I guess.
    Subjectively, my guess is tubes provide some benefit, and the longer the tube the more benefit...holy crap size matters :smile:
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    @Bruce_Butterfield are you using the flexible tubing that comes in roles or is it rigid.
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    We use a 4 son drives me and my goal is to minimize the danger and teach good safety skills. Turning off the boat when someone is on the swim step using a shock tube are just part of a safe boat. I hate when something happens that could be easily been dealt with by and ounce of prevention.
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    I am glad to say I ski and drive with many of the worlds best slalom skier's in practice with out any shock tube. These skiers are IMOP trained very well that practice means just that practice and they will not put them selves or their boat crew in danger by holding on to crap that would cause recoil... Now the tournament is another deal and I prefer to see the 4' utilized as I have seen and had recoil of rope in the boat when the 2' units are utilized. As a driver I do ask my crew/Judge to help me out if the recoil situation arises when utilizing the smaller 2' units.
    What I do not like is my boat judge to wince and cower every time the skier loads up and goes the other way. makes me nervous they wont react and watch your back well if the recoil happens!
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    I have 2' and 4' as my driver wants a tube so I have the Wakeye that needs one. The 2' doesn't seem to do much if anything. Rope still slaps a little around the front of the engine box/pylon area. Harmless but makes driver nervous. 4' tube seems to put all that back at the back of the engine box, works great. I have had some exiting times judging in tournaments with 2' ones with rope coming into the crew area.
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    I'd use a 4 if it were really rugged and easy to put the rope through. Seems the 4's I've had always get floppy.
    I do like the extra measure of perceived protection. I have never wrapped the rope around the driver with a tube, have done so a number of times without creating a dicey situation thankfully remedied just in time. These were PP and way back in the day hand driven boats not ZO, but then I get very little ZO time.
    Many times the crew at tourneys is bracing for impact when I have slack out the end gates, but the handle stays with me.
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    As a driver I like a 4' tube with a pvc insert simply because it's easier to center the rope to the stern.
    As far as recoil, here's the disclaimer from Masterline:

    Helps reduce rope recoil and provide some deflection in the case of an overloaded rope being snapped back into the boat. It is also great for protecting inboard motor boxes from rope wear too.

    It is important to note that no product can completely stop the recoil of rope from a fallen skier who has overloaded the line. There is always a certain degree of risk associated with towing a skier who can potentially overload the tow rope and cause recoil of both the rope and the handle. Also, this shock tube will not prevent the handle from recoiling into the boat in extreme cases.

    Could be why many manufacturers are calling them "engine box protectors".
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    This was the last Big Dawg final at Okeeheelee. This is my boat. Will Bush was driving and Jeff Rodgers was the skier. The tool box was sitting behind the driver seat. The crazy thing is the handle hit the ski locker door before the tool box. I believe it was a 2’ shock tube. Twice in the same tournament Jeff put the handle in the boat. Neither time was there a chance of furthering his score.

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    Have always had a 4ft. Cheap sleep insurance. My 4ft has held up for many years and looks like new. Doesn’t make sense to go short if you’re using a shock tube at all.
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    All I know is that I have had the rope and handle shot up past me while driving about half a dozen times all of which were without a shock tube. I always use the 4’ version in my boat.

    Nowadays it seems that people want to bring their own line and handle sans shock tube where in the old days everyone just brought a handle. While it’s nice that they don’t want to use up someone else’s $100 line, it seems the shock tube usage is going in the wrong direction.

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    I actually rigged up a slightly redneck setup to carry my handle and rope and shock tube all together for that very reason.
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    I always understood the shock tube was to help keep slack rope on the pylon end from wrapping around the driver's neck, and also help keep rope wear off the motor box, but not really for keeping the handle out of the boat. If the handle is coming in, it is coming in, tube or no tube.
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    @perfski These work awesome. I’ve run across these at tournaments in central Florida. A few of us have used the MasterLine Velcro rope caddy and a medium sized carabiner below the rope attachment point on the pylon to quickly attach the shock tube.
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    I was boat judge in a tournament, 2 foot shock tube, 2nd skier off the dock put the handle in the boat. I told driver to get back to the dock and got the 4 foot tube from my boat. 2 foot tube is useless in my opinion. 4 foot may not stop/redirect everything but much safer than any other options. I love the Performance and Radar products, a great design.

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    I had the back of my head split open from a handle while driving, 8 stitches. 4 foot tube was in place. Objects may be closer than they appear in the mirror is true! The worst part was it was an "option" to be at work that morning, which was where my wife thought I was. She wasn't amused.
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