Course skiing 101

What would you say if to someone who has never skied on a course that knew nothing about skiing and wanted to give it a try. Lets say they can ski on one ski what ski would you tell them to get? How fast would you pull them? How long would the rope be? What other thing would you tell them?

I would pull them 26 or 28mpg with 15off cause I do not own the full rope. I would have no Idea on what a good ski is.


  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,730 Crazy Baller
    Lot of questions yet to be answered. How big is the skier? How proficient are they at open water skiing? What ski are they on now? Having said that, I would have them start wide to the right passing close to one ball. Then shadow two thru five and try to round six and out the gates. As they improve add five ball then four, etc. More turn and pulls with less falls by adding on from the far end.
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  • burdhntrburdhntr Posts: 34 Baller
    I've only gotten into skiing a course this last year. I'm a decent free skier. Best piece of advice I received was to look ahead about 15 foot to stay "on course". Helped a lot.
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    What I was trying to start with this topic was a place that we could put advice and info for people who are trying to start course skiing. Cause 2 years ago when I was starting I found it hard to find this info and thought this might help some one. I know in my situation I had to start at a speed that was faster then most people and it made it a lot harder.
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    I was in the position a few seasons ago. I moved onto a lake with some avid skiers who set up portable courses frequently. When they found out I skied they quickly invited me to get out with them. Up to that point I had not given much consideration to my equipment as I was only free skiing trying to cut to get good spray. Silly me. After getting into the course a little bit I bought a ski that would perform at slower speeds in the course but would also ride well free skiing. I wish I had gone straight for the course ski. I also quickly realized that I would need a new (used) dd inboard boat, a comp vest, a masterline, and some gloves, hahaha. (No seriously I have bought all of those things since, except the masterline - that upgrade is coming very soon)

    As for speed and length it may slightly depend on the size of the skier. I am 5'11 and about 210 lbs. I started skiing at 15off at 30mph in the course and only was able to make a couple of bouys. Then I slowed to 28 and started making better progress and was able to get 6 by the end of my first season in the course. This will be my third season and I hope to get through the course at least 15off at 30 mph.

    I think any skier with decent ability free skiing will love the transition into the course. You actually have a way to measure how well you are skiing. Invite them out as a spotter for a couple of sessions before they get in the water and take some passes to break him/her in.

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