Switching from Connelly F1 to Radar

I'm planning on getting a new ski, and I am in need of some advice. I've been skiing on a Connelly F1 for about 4 years and I'd like to switch to a Radar ski. I free ski around 32-34 and I am pretty new to running the course (so I usually ski that around 26-28, but hopefully I'll ski at higher speeds this summer). I'm looking at demoing the Radar Lyric, but I was just wondering if there was any other ski I should look at. Does anyone know how the Lyric compares to the F1? Any other recommendations? Thanks for your help!


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    @skier413 the F1 would compare to the Radar Vapor which is Radars high performance ski. The Senate/Lyric is a great match for you at 26-28mph to learn course skiing and the Vapor is the ski you will want to be on as you increase your speeds and start thinking of shortening the rope. If you will be purchasing one ski for the long haul and are committed to skiing the course, I'd go Vapor.
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    Or you could stick with Connelly and try the Aspect, a wide version of the Carbon V. The V is a solid 34 mph ski that is a little more forgiving than the GT, Connelly's top end model. The Aspect is designed to be skied in the 26-30 mph speed range, but still skis like a high end ski. I skied on the Aspect last spring as I recovered from a long illness, and eventually I ran -35 at 30 mph. The next day I was on a GT at 34 and that was the last time I skied it, but I really enjoyed the Aspect and got a lot out of the experience. I ski a 68" ski, but skied the Aspect as a 67". Darrin at H2OProShop set me up, and the price was as user friendly as the ski.
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    In my own personal experience I was fine on a high end ski when I was freeskiing, but once I got into the course and had to both slow down and develop more consistent technique I found the high end ski to be too much for me. I "downgraded" from a Connelly Prophecy to a Radar Senate so that I could have the stability and forgiveness I needed to better develop my technique in the course (I am still at the beginning stages of this process).

    I suppose it may be different for everyone depending on their athletic abilities and other factors, but for me I think learning the course on a mid-level ski like the Connelly V or the Radar Senate was the right choice. If I can get up to skiing consistently at 34 mph and -22 or -28, then I'll probably switch back to a high end ski like the Vapor.
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