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Hi my husband and I are looking for a second home/property in southern Florida that has a slalom course on the lake. We have looked at pentalago, ultimate, and now going to see Alico. Is there any others to look at? Thank you in advance for any advice.


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    I wonder what the situation is on Banyan Lake, which is only about a mile away from
    Okeeheelee, and where Jim/Thelma Salmas used to ski. I believe that Steve Schnitzer
    is also a realtor, and someone to contact.
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    I can recommend Alico for sure! Skied there many times. Yes! Steve Schintzer is the Realtor to contact in the Okeeheelee area! I have his contact info...
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    Stillwater Lakes in Palm Bay.
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    There is a site in Estero that I believe has some lots for sale. It is over by Ft Myers. Ultimate Ski Lake.
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    If you are considering Orlando at all, you need to check out Isles of Lake Hancock in Winter Garden/Windermere area. Extremely unique setting where homeowners can enjoy boathouses on both a man-made tournament ski lake (in the front) and the Lake Hancock chain of three lakes in the back. The community is gated with lush landscaping and water abound.
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    Miromar Lakes has 2 courses, I'm building there now, it's private for now. 10 minutes from the Airport (RSW) and just north of Naples, in South Fort Myers.

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    How did you like Ultimate? Any +'s or -'s to their course skiing?
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    Lived in Banyon for years down in West Palm. Since it was just across the road from Okeeheelee, where you could trick, jump, and slalom, we spent all our time over there. Skied with Schnitz and Patty all the time there.

    Went down to Ultimate once when Ruth was a realtor there. I thought it was beautiful, like an Oasis. My Wife was terrified it was in the middle of the everglades, thought our dogs would get eaten, so I lost the battle on that one. Ended up moving to Orlando. Personally, I Loved Ultimate.
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    So... some updates on lake communities in south west Florida (Ft Myers)..

    Mirmoar Lakes:
    Miromar has expanding another 200 homes on the north lake (Probably $1M+)
    Taylor Morrison has started building on the north lake of Miromar lakes ($400's starting, separate neighborhood)

    Wild Blue:
    Then there is a Pulte/Lenar + 2 Custom home builders Master planned community being built just about 5 minutes south east of Miromar Lakes called Wild Blue (should be $400's starting up to probably $4-$5M). It's right off of Corkscrew and 75 if you are familiar with the location and about 15 minutes from RSW (airport).

    Miromar has two courses, i know wild blue will be allowed to have power boats, but will be up to residents there to make their own course...

    All in all about 2,000 doors being added that all have access to skiable private lakes. Total should be about 3,600 total homes between all the communities.

    happy hunting
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    @ChasingOldDreams did you look at The Harborage? I understand the two have different price points... what made you pull the trigger on Miromar? Also, how difficult is it to get a set on good water at Miromar? A lot boats on the course?
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    @Buoyhead69 Interestingly enough i have ski'd The Harborage, when growing up a family member lived there. The really nice thing is they canal ocean access, that's extremely rare to have ocean and lake access.

    I chose Miromar for a number of reasons; i have family that lives down the street, the lakes are exponentially larger, and it has a full pool club and restaurant you can pull up to. Outside of that i was able to pick up a piece of land for a discount and build what i consider my dream house (to each their own).

    There is almost no lake traffic at Miromar, in fact those that do ski the courses would probably hate me even mentioning it. A vast majority of people are on pontoon boats cruising or wake boarding on the south lake by the university. Rarely is there a conflict. On the weekend as soon as the sun is up there is usually a group out there, by 12 most people are done. During the week there are some that go out just before sun down every other day. Weekends being the "busiest" and weekdays almost non existent.

    There are two courses, one is usually better depending on the weather.

    As far as price point goes, you can be on the water cheaper at the Harborage, but you can also get into Miromar off the lake for just as much and still have access, either renting a dock from one of the two marinas, or just find a neighbor that doesn't mind or likes to ski ;) The HOA for Miromar is a tough pill to swallow at $1800 a quarter and can be as high as $3200 if you live in a neighbor that has everything included (pool, lawn, concierge, etc) HOA does include Cable/Internet and Security monitoring.

    So far the people have been really awesome.

    These other developments going up will have homes starting in the $400's, im not positive what it will take to be on the lake, im estimating 550 or more... but who knows. I have no idea what HOA's will be but i assume it will be a lot more palatable. All i know is there is about to be a lot of inventory in the area.
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    We just got permits for 26 lots at Pentalago and are taking reservations at Pre-construction prices. Expect to have lots ready late spring/early summer. Prices start at $200K pre-construction and go up to about $400K. Contact me if you have any questions. - Greg DeTray 772 678 8148
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    There is a property that has come up for sale here on Champions Lake in Clermont contact Pam Arthur 407 718 0840
    Phil Hughes Champions Lake Clermont FL.
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