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College skiing question?

454SS454SS Posts: 169 Baller
edited January 2010 in Technique & Theory
I am going to college that doesn't have a ski team but was wondering if it is possible to ski for a different school even if i don't attend that school?


  • jdarwinjdarwin Posts: 1,381 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    No - you must show eligibility from the school you are competing for and have at least a "C" average.  Eligibility letters are generated from the school's registrar's office.
    Joe Darwin
  • HO 410HO 410 Posts: 351 Baller
    That sounds like a question for the Athletic Department of the school you want to try to ski for.

    Generally, you have to be enrolled at the school you are going to compete for. There could possibly
    be some kind of workaround where you take a 1 hour course so that you are technically a student, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Odd are is that you have to be a full time student.
    Nikon D80, 50mm f 1.8, Tokina 12-24mm... Sorry, wrong forum. Josh T.
  • AdamCordAdamCord Posts: 932 Open or Level 9 Skier
    NCWSA is also very accommodating when it comes to setting up your own team. It's pretty common for schools to have just one team member because of people who are in your exact situation. You can send a message to NCWSA from the Team Development page on their website explaining your situation and they will help you out.
  • MattPMattP Posts: 6,263 Mega Baller
    I am taking a guess here but... you could be a one man "team" and "join" the other schools team and travel,pay their fees, and practice with them?? Let me know if you find out any thing I have some friends who might want to do this.
  • 454SS454SS Posts: 169 Baller
    thanks for the advice guys i may try and set up a one man team or even see if others would want to join as well as this might make the process easier.
  • kpickettkpickett Posts: 142 Baller
    Way back (like 1990), my school didn't have a ski team. My buddy skied for UCLA, and I skied a couple tourneys with him. I just entered the tourney as a one man team from my school. I wish I had skied more tourneys then.
    Kyle Wiley Pickett
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