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Slaloming behind 2008 Supra Launch 21V

gaclaassen2016gaclaassen2016 Posts: 4 New Baller
I'm in the market for a new boat and I was wondering if anyone has slalomed behind a Supra Launch 21V. Is the wake too large to use it for skiing? I'm not really planning on skiing the course, mostly free skiing.



  • WayneWayne Posts: 494 Solid Baller
    Free skied behind my neighbors 2008 Supra Launch 20 SSV, I think the hull shape is similar. You could cruise around the lake and sight see on a ski behind it but wake crossings were hairy. I made 1 aggressive cut at the wakes to see if I could "slice" through it with the ski up on edge. It was a no go, I got so much air I cleared the second wake by about 10 feet.

    I was skiing at 34 MPH and we played with the wake plate to see if we could flatten the wake out. With Supras deep keel and a lot of dead rise going all the way to the transom they are just made to generate big wakes. It did wake board well and we had fun surfing behind it though. I think their hills are indestructible. There is so much fiberglass near the keel I think you could use it to break ice in the bearing sea.
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