Trick Video - Natallia Berndnikava breaks 9000

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From Russia with Love.... Tricks doesn't get much exposure normally. Here is a video that Ryan @ onside shot and co-produced with us. Always wanted to showcase tricks alternative style, and I think Natallia, Ryan and JT did a great job putting it together. Shot at Sunset last month. Celebrates breaking the 9000 pt. milestone. Ryan is not a tricker but he really captured the energy and spirit of it. I think Eric will like it!

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    Great Video - the look is fantastic!! videos like that will help our sport grow to some of the masses.

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    Very cool video! The flashing of tricks was a unique effect that really grew on me. Tricks showcase this effect perfectly. I am impressed with both the skiing and the artistic element.
    However it was quite disturbing. So many of those tricks that I can't perform...
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    Wow great video, very well shot. I wish I could trick like that!
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    Great video! It brought back memories of when Horton was a talented photographer. It think he is an oil driller now, like that TV show Black Gold. His wife collects bugs or something. I suspect JT eats them.
    I learned everything I know not to do from Horton
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    Actually, it should be titled "From Belarus with Love" - but that's semantics - great video.
    Joe Darwin
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