Heelside Backflip Help (Video)

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Hey fellow trick skiers! I was hoping I could get a few pointers on the heelside backflip. I seem to always land on the back of my ski making it hard to ride out. I land them probably 10% of the time but want to improve that consistency. Attached is a video link to a nice slow motion attempt I made the other day. Pretty much shows what most of my attempts look like.


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    Our trick guru Eric might have something to add?
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    2 things pop out to me:
    1. You have too much weight on your back foot approaching the wakes - you want ALL your weight on the front foot for these flips. Note that when you land most of your weight is on the back foot - that's due to the start.
    2. You are starting your rotation at the bottom of the wake instead waiting for the crest.

    Fix those things and you will be nailing it every time and ready for the reverse.

    Can you do the topside flip? That is usually the first one to learn
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    Too long of a cut, bring it in a few feet closer to the wakes, or go more progressive with the cut so that your hardest cut is at the crest of the wake, you're currently losing it(unable to maintain your peak cut) and that is why you may feel the need to throw it early, and you use too much upper body and not enough legs. Bring handle down and in a little more, arms down and out around belly button level. Progressive cut, pop off wake, and at the peak or apex of your flip, slightly bring your front knee in towards your chest and make sure you stay strong holding the handle in, not letting your arms out/above chest/shoulder area, this helps bring it around, spot your landing easier, and land less on the back of the ski, then you will learn to spot your landing and manage your rotation. Right now you are landing all balled up, legs aren't able to take it. Progressive cut, pop, peak, and set it down. I would work on doing wake jumps where you cut short and pop up in to the handle. I feel the toeside is a different animal, not always easier for everyone. That one is all in the front hip, progressive cut, driving up and through with the hip, have to make sure you use all the wake on that one too.
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    @arigold22 its nice to see someone else having the same issue. I was a long time wakeboarder and have a hard time getting used to more weight on the front foot and shorter approaches. Good luck!
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    @Bruce_Butterfield and @unksskis have it exactly right for you.

    That big slalom pull is making it difficult for you. A progressive attack of the wake where you add angle and front foot pressure to peak at the base of the wake gives you control and confidence to ride it all the way up. Also that big pull is breaking you at the waist a bit. Stay strong at the core and lever yourself into the air (not spring).

    Slow the rotation down a bit (easy to do when you have ridden the lift all the way up). This makes spotting the landing easier.

    If you can land on edge cutting back in the rideout gets easy (note that the ski may still be pointed out but think of a slalom preturn).

    You are doing a lot of things right. Fine tune it a bit and it will be in your run!

    To say again (differently) what has been said before:
    Tighten your stomach.
    Progressive attack that gets high angle and front foot load at the base of the wake.
    Patience in the air.
    Land on the edge coming back in.

    Good luck,
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    This is going to help me out to this year. My flips look exactly like yours. I have not landed one tho. Not sure if its right or not but I seem to do better when go less far out. My timing gets way off when I do that.
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    Thanks @Bruce_Butterfield @unksskis @eleeski for the advice! I will work on a few of those things and try to clean it up. I will post another video soon with what hopefully will be a much better flip!
  • arigold22arigold22 Posts: 47 Baller
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    The advice I got from this post helped me tremendously. The heelside flip has become much more consistent and I have landed it in the last 4 tournament rounds.

    Now I have started working on the toeside flip to hopefully get both back to back for some big points. Recently I have begun to land them but only about 35% of the time. I am having trouble figuring out how to land over my ski and edge away. I always feel like I over rotate and slide out or bounce on my butt and have to slide the ski in order to prevent myself from slipping out.

    I have tried starting narrower and going for maximum height but I always seem to case the other wake which makes the landing very difficult. I have a video of a decent attempt from yesterday's set which highlights most of my issues.

    What can I do to get this thing consistent?

  • arigold22arigold22 Posts: 47 Baller
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