Difference between Radar Lyric Binding [feather frame] and Radar Vector [feather frame]

SivotaSivota Posts: 112 Baller
The Lyric is women specific "...shaped after the Vector Boot, the Lyric is internally softer, with less volume for a lady’s smaller footprint". Does anyone know whether the difference is significant - comparing small with small ? My wife tried a friend's 2016 Radar Lyric today and really liked it. She was not very excited about the colour scheme [pink and yellow]. The Vector appears more attractive to her - but it sounds as though the binding will be less comfortable and feel a little larger. I would be interested to know whether anyone had any views. Thanks.


  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 332 Baller
    I'm no expert, but i currently have the vector and it's super comfortable.
  • bajabaja Posts: 247 Baller
    I've skied my wife's Pink 65 inch Radar Lyric with small Lyric bindings and on a buddies 69 inch P6 with Extra Large Vector bindings. Both were comfortable and gave me an excellent connection with the ski. You'll be happy with either. I'm in Radar Strada boots, size 10, on my 67" 2016 Vapor.
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    Thanks - the comfort aspect will please her, and it was the feeling of being close to the ski/connected with it that she enjoyed. @baja the binding sound as accommodating and flexible as your skiing!
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    I have used Vectors and like them a lot.
    IMHO.. Now I am on Profiles and they provide far better ski control.
    Just a thought??
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    I am using Vectors now and really like them. I use a Vector RTP which took some getting used, but now I find it really comfortable.
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    Thanks for your advice. @gsm_peter I hadn't thought of Profiles for her for two reasons - first I did not realise they came in smaller sizes than the Vapor. I now realise they do. Second, I think at her weight and speed she particularly like the feather frame and the feeling of being very close to the ski. @Mr.D thanks for the caution with regard to the RTP. Comfort is pretty high on her list! :)
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    What size is her foot? My gf wears a 9 1/2 and she started off on the P-6 with Prime boot and now is on the Vectors (graphite senate). She said the Vectors are a little more snug but wondering if that's not just because they are new?
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    @gt2003 thanks for that - sorry for the delay in replying, I have been away for a few days. She is a US5 - the Vector's sounds as they should work, unless she can reconcile herself with the brightness of the Lyric!
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    I love my pink and white Lyric binding! @MS also loves that I am no longer whining about having a numb front foot after 4 passes. I could wear it all day :) Oh, btw I think the bright yellow/pink new one is cool :)
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    Thank you all for your help. The black and silver [graphite/gunmetal] feather frame small has arrived. Fits like a glove and the colour scheme met with approval. It has not been tested on the lake yet. One slight moan is that Radar simply cannot get their distribution sorted out on this side of the pond. A delay in delivery, and now it has arrived with the mounting screws loose in the box - only 3 match and another random screw is included. Three washers, one of which previously has been used. Given that it cost £159 [not US$ but GB£] one might have expected the appropriate screws to be included. As I have said on other posts, my Radar Vapor Boa and HRT are great. It was just a shame I had to wait so many weeks for the HRT to arrive, despite assurances to the contrary. Anyway, it is more important to be on the water ...
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