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New ski for 2010

HHHH Posts: 14 Baller
edited February 2010 in Skis Fins Bindings
<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">Dear BOS members

I will ski at H2oZ in April and want to take the opportunity to try some skis. Which skis do you recommend to try?

My profile: I am skiing between 32mph-34mph/22 off on a Goode 9800 (67,25). I am 6 ft tall and my weight is 192 lbs. I am working on my handle control and consistency.

The Goode 9800 is a good ski but for me a little bit to short and not forgiving enough.

Which skis do you suggest? As a regular reader of this forum I will definitely try the Senate C (but which size?) and I think that the D3 Z7 (68) could be an option. The Strada is of course a temptation but maybe too “high end”.

What do you think?

Thanks for your help!




  • 454SS454SS Posts: 169 Baller
    You should be able to size down with the senate c, radar has a table on there website under ski specs that shows the surface area of the skis if this helps with deciding.
  • GriffGriff Posts: 2
    I agree wit 454SS above.  There are sizing charts on all MFG websites as well as many other sites like as this site ( to help you hone in on the right size and ski for you.
    I have never ridden the O'brien Elite or Radar Strada/Senat-C but I have owned a Goode 9200 and recently owned a GOODE 9800 SLR, D3 RCX and currently the D3 Z7.  The D3s have been way more forgiving than all other skis I have ridden or owned. I would agree with Scott that you should try them all if possible.  The HO A1 would be another to try.  Seth will set you up in April when you go.  I will also be down there sometime in April. Hope to see you then. Good luck testing skis.
  • HortonHorton Posts: 28,959 Administrator
    Besides Goode, most ski sizing is pretty easy. Goode measures thier skis different.
    190 lbs 6 foot and 34 mph  - 68" (plus or minus 1 inch) is about right. Some skis ride bigger or smaller then others but not by that much. I am shorter but roughly the same weight and I wobble between 67s and 68s. At longer rope lenghts or slower speeds I would be beteen 68 and 69 inch.
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  • ScarletArrowScarletArrow Posts: 816 Crazy Baller
    IMHO, if you're going to Oz, I would try to go w/o any preconceived notions about what ski is right for you and let Seth hook you up himself.

    After Seth has been able to see you ski and then have you describe what characteristics you prefer in a ski over others, you will then be more confident that the choice you've made has a reasonable chance of success.

    Otherwise, you're just taking the advice of guys who have no clue who you are, how you ski, and what you're real needs are.
    Anthony Warren
  • DirtDirt Posts: 1,627 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    I agree with letting Seth set you up and the comments about trying a few different skis. Sometimes when you go to a ski school and try skis, especially early in the year, you are not in ski shape yet. It is hard to tell if it is the ski or your lack of strength and practice. I recommend trying skis after you are in shape and on your own ski site with the same driver in similar conditions.
    They have a great demo program. You just pay to ship skis back and forth until you find the right one. I am sure many have had the experience where they love the new ski the first two weeks and then end up with performances decreasing until they can't make their opener or even a deep water start. Good luck.
    I learned everything I know not to do from Horton
  • HHHH Posts: 14 Baller
    Thanks for all the advice! I am confident that Seth will help me to find the best match. Unfortunately I will not be able to try the skis later in the season - I am from Switzerland and the shipping costs are too high to use the demo program from Europe.
    Griff - I hope to see you in Charleston in April (I will be there April 19-27)
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