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Herb's Cup Day One

HortonHorton Posts: 29,117 Administrator
edited June 2016 in News & Other Stuff
This is really a magical beautiful place. I would love to come back here and ski. It is really VERY cool

The bad news on Friday was that the wind was blowing 15 to 25 miles per hour. It was really rough. I would have never made a pass in those conditions. The guys need to do a seeding round so they went out at 34 mph. The scores are as follows.

Brooks 2.5 at 38 (by far the worst wind of the round) Score might have been 2 but the judge was also texting and taking pictures : )
T$ 2.5 at 38

TW 5 @ 39 amazeballs

Rossi on his 40th BDay 3 @ 41 - Jackass judge screwed up again and forgot to put rope on 32. Rossi started at 39. Got 0 - came back in at 35.

KC 3 @ 41

Stephen N 3 @ 39 he had really bad water - looked like he almost fell on opener

JMac 3 @ 39 not the highest score but he looked GOOD

FWinter 3 @ 41 Silly Brit went swimming to take pictures for the earlier skiers. He was shivering cold when it was his turn to ski.

To recap: it was so rough and windy that 99% of the skiing public could not make an opener and 3 of these guys ran 3 @ 41 (55K). It was an amazing thing to watch.

Huge thanks to Sully and the guys at Radar for making this happen.

( I was the boat judge - Sorry @Chris Rossi!)


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