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Hello BallOfSpray Fourm!

I recently made a post about boat wake/weight and one of the points brought up was that I should invest in a modern ski. I started out skiing with an O'Brien Jr Celebrity but I outgrew it and I now use an older Taperflex slalom ski (not the wooden kind). I was told to make a post in regards to what ski to get, so here's some general information on what I do:

I don't skii at 36 mph, I skii around 30 or under. I'm a free skiier. I weigh 130 lbs, im 5'7 , and i'm fairly strong.

I'll be happy to fill in any missing information, thank you for your time!

EDIT: Forgot to add my budget. I wish to spend $200 - $300, but less is better.


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    Great deals on Here's a couple:
    2012 HO S2 65" $175
    2015 Radar P6 65" $175
    Both great rides. Both very well regarded. S2 definately more performance oriented.
    Below budget to allow for $ for new bindings, bet you need those too.
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    My 2 cents.
    Look for a Radar Theory.
    Above P6 and below the Senate.

    My experience is that you will progress faster on a less advanced ski until you have a rather strong technique. That would be grow out of your ski.
    When your technique is consistent go for a Senate with Carbon. You can the grow into that he ski.
    The Theory can easily take you into 34 Mph 22 off.

    Do not forget that bindings are important.
    Bad bindings could hold you back more than the ski....

    Please keep us updated on your progress.

    Best luck

    Life is too short not to enjoy every day!
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    For that price range, you will probably need to be in the used market instead of the new market, but that's just fine. Here is a senate with bindings for $300 that could serve as a good model of the type of ski you are looking for. The only reason this one might not work is that most people on here would probably tell you that it's too big for you. I wouldn't, because I like big skis, but most people here (and the radar catalog) would probably indicate 67" being a bit big for 130 pounds, even if you are only going 30 mph.
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    Hello Again! An update: I got some photos of my current ski. Its not...entirely terrible? I rather like it. However do tell me if its a bad ski. I attached the images to this post.

    I may also be able to get my hands on a maharaja ski, however the ski was modified in the past (they ground the bottom of the ski so that it could only turn, its close to impossible to not be on edge with it)

    EDIT: Uploading photos still
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    67 senate is pretty big for a kid that size. At 180 lbs it is plenty of ski for me even at 30mph.
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    BTW: The 300 is in Canadian peysos not American dollars.. So a 300 USD ski is actually around 400 CAD ski

    Hopefully that isnt a big obstacle
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    I agree with @oldjeep. I am 132 lb and was on a 65" Senate for 3 years and took it down to 28 mph with no problem. A 67 would not turn as good.
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    Last I looked ski-it-again had some HO CX in that price range, seems like one post was last year Should be able to get one within a year or 2 old.
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    @netwinder, I agree with @ALPJr. The HO TX would be a great option. The Superlite version costs $900, and the regular is $450 (without bindings). This is a great ski at your speed and the 30 MPH world record holder uses the Superlite version. However, at 130 pounds, it may be a bit big for you. I weigh around 145 pounds, and it is too wide for me (my dad weighs a little over 200 pounds and it suits him perfectly; I imagine it would work at 175 pounds too). Again, great for 30 MPH (or a little slower based on your weight).

    (Because of size, the HO CX might be better because it isn't as wide. I'm not sure of the price and have never skied on this, so you would have to get an expert opinion before choosing that option.)
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    Chech Perf Ski for closeouts @perfski
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    Ahhh... My bad @skibrain! The pains of not reading the entire post before eagerly jumping to reply...

    Or get a Goode, I hear they're really inexpensive... ;)
    If you don't crash, then you ain't trying hard enough!
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    $300 Canuck bucks so about $230 in real money ;)
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    You could buy the fin or maybe a back binding for that off my Monza ;)
    If you don't crash, then you ain't trying hard enough!
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    Buy another beer (or 6), think about it , and then just go ski.
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    Thank you everybody for the helpful ideas! I attached photos of my current ski for the forum to criticize. Either way a few comments:

    "Most skiers here are going to have access to boat with platform on back to stand while putting on ski (often requiring binding slime and a good tug to get them on). With standard boat you either are standing in boat to do that and then rolling over side of boat to flop in, or you're on the dock (easy) or deep water (near impossible with some bindings) to get your ski on."

    Matter of fact with my current ski bindings the quickest way to get it on is liberally coating my foot in dish soap. Otherwise it is quite the process to slip on.

    My foot size is a size 10 in mens shoes, I have no clue if there's a special water ski binding size.

    "Buy another beer (or 6), think about it , and then just go ski. " Of course. Given that I'm 17 that sounds like a great idea. Maybe that will compensate for my bad form ;)

    The O'Brien siege and synchro looks interesting, however one question: Why are they so cheap? I would expect a higher price (not that im complaining) but what loss is in those skiis versus a ho cx or a radar senate?

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    the Obriens you mention are older designs. the HO CX or Radar Senate will be better overall skis and work for you for many years (until you get into serious shortline).

    You can buy a 1-2 year old CX for around $450 w/ bindings brand new.
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