Wanted - older Perfect Pass 3.5" Display and/or Master Module

JustTheDriverJustTheDriver Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Stuff For Sale
Hi all,
Does anyone have an old 3 line display module from the Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro system that they want to sell?
I have the original master module & display on my 2005 Tige 20V and I need to replace the display as the LCD is almost unreadable.

Or, if anyone has a display & master module from the older StarGazer system I'd be interested in that for the right price also. The Master Module would need to be an early Star Gazer or a serial # ending with "A7".
It does not matter which branding is on the display, I really just need the LCD panel.
My Tige is a mechanical throttle, not DBW.


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