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Interesting Skiing Video Angles?

DefectiveDaveDefectiveDave Posts: 479 Solid Baller
edited September 2016 in Videos, Photos & Media
Anyone got any ski videos taken from interesting angles?

The passenger seat and wakeye perspective videos are great, as I'm sure we've all watched our fair share. However, there are things we just can't learn from these videos as it is often difficult to tell what is happening out of plane. Often I have a theory I want to evaluate based on available video (water time is limited) and I find that I just can't draw conclusions from the boat's perspective.

If anyone would like to share, please post anything you have or of which you are aware. At the moment, I'm particularly interested in any high quality overhead camera footage which matches the skiers speed, but really anything interesting is good and can be examined upon discovery. Also, others might not be looking for the same thing as me. :-)

I will get started:

Helmet Cams
Andy Mapple
Terry Winter
KC Wilson

Chest Cams
Andy Mapple
Nate Smith

Handle Cams
KC Wilson

Reverse Ski Cams
Andy Mapple
Adam Sedlmajer

Forward Ski Cams
Andy Mapple 1
Andy Mapple 2

Overhead Drone/Helicopter Cams
Brooks/KC Wilson

Back Pole Cam
Adam Sedlmajer

Andy Mapple
Glass Water
Ralph LeePorkfightWish


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