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San Gervasio Pro Am III

HortonHorton Posts: 30,601 Administrator

Dear Friends,
I am excited to share with you our annual recap and promo video of the San Gervasio Pro Am.
This third edition was an overwhelming success, with amazing scores from all categories, from U14 to Senior, from Amateur Open to Elite.
Once again, the mighty Marco Menestrina delivered an emotional and artistically dense window into the only European Pro slalom event of 2016.
I believe those of you who attended will re-experience the atmosphere of the event, jam packed with good spirits and performances.
With three scores at 9.75m in the Elite Men and one score at 10.25m in the Elite Women (read more about Manon's feat here), it is safe to say that this event was among the most successful in recent water ski history.
Click here for a full score recap of the Elite head to head finals.
Obviously, this could have not been possible without the quality and precision of our two Malibu Response TXi.
Malibu Boats, Barca, Varanini, Jolly Ski, and all the other sponsors came in strong to allow the San Gervasio Pro Am to be the event we have learned to love.
Myself, Fedele, Claudio, Nicholas, Genadi, and our whole staff worked nonstop to run it.
And the skiers took part in it with a passion for the sport that keeps me motivated to continue.

Stay tuned. Next year's event may be our best one yet…


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