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Classic Connelly Gear

BlueSkiBlueSki Posts: 899 Mega Baller
edited December 2016 in Stuff For Sale
Anyone have an interest in this classic 90s Connelly gear?

Cleaning out some old stuff and I figure a hardcore Connelly skier may put it to use, well maybe the duffle bag.


  • keithh2oskierkeithh2oskier Posts: 771 Crazy Baller
    Those are some vibrant colors...
  • BlueSkiBlueSki Posts: 899 Mega Baller
    Yup. Easy to spot the early 90s fluorescent gear.
  • nleuthnleuth Posts: 46 Baller
    I mean if there are no other takers I could find some good use for those!
  • PT MikePT Mike Posts: 163 Baller
    Reminds me of my old HP days!
  • skinut11skinut11 Posts: 9 Baller
    Got a bag just like that. been all over the country with it
  • rodeconrodecon Posts: 243 Baller
    I have that exact ski bag, as well as the 68" Connelly HP that goes with it, was my first slalom ski, ran the course for the first time on the old girl.......Great memories....Her nickname is "the electric banana"
  • BlueSkiBlueSki Posts: 899 Mega Baller
    I had the concept from that period... and the matching jacket. The bag and jacket were a birthday gift. The jacket was the best.
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