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Salad In The Spray

Watching some wake eye footage of myself today I noticed I'm throwing up a fair bit of lake weed in the spray and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or comments on how that may or may not influence the performance of the ski. I do have a few falls in the area that has the most weed so I started wondering if I can shift some of the blame... @SkiJay thoughts comments?
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  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,711 Mega Baller
    Ski can get loose or slip out in the turn for sure. Haven't noticed as much issue in the lean or glide other than drag. We have an extremely weedy site.
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  • HortonHorton Posts: 30,608 Administrator
    Is the soup of the day broth based or cream-based?

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  • SkiJaySkiJay Posts: 2,314 Mega Baller
    Ha! Figuring out how the ski moves through water is challenging enough @ozski, never mind vegetation. That said, I've been dumped on my face by a few strands of carbon sticking out of the sidewall of the ski after a handle strike. Blaming the weeds for some falls sounds pretty legit to me. ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
  • FLeboeufFLeboeuf Posts: 87 Baller
    It definitely can make the ski blow out if there is a lot of weeds. It happened a lot to me. I suspect that dense weeds that grow up close to the surface (less than a foot) can make the water feel as if it was shallower. Could I be right @SkiJay? On my site where there is a lot of weeds I run my fin very deep and short to keep the tip up and tail down. It helped me a lot.
  • FLeboeufFLeboeuf Posts: 87 Baller
    Just to clarify, shallow water makes the ski ride flatter of what I know.
  • 6balls6balls Posts: 5,711 Mega Baller
    If you have google earth plug in Hoff Lake, MN. YOu can see where our courses are on the SE shore and the NW shore and a cut through the weeds from dock to the NW course. The rest is weed mat we farm it with the boat in the ski path so that we can ski around the buoys and create a set down/shorten up area.
    Dave Ross--die cancer die
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