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The Radar Experience

Skoot1123Skoot1123 Posts: 2,052 Mega Baller
First - thanks to BOS and the generosity of @eddie_roberts_jr, my FIL and I were able to take a peek at Radar Lake and the facility where all those awesome Radar skis are fabricated. What we learned is that there is a TON of labor/time involved in fabricating a high end ski (Vapor Pro Build). When you see "handmade in the USA" I couldn't think of any truer statement. From the resin mix, the application of the carbon fiber, control methods, and finishing of the ski it was an eye opening experience. These skis aren't just popped out of a press every couple seconds - they are fabricating these like the piece of art that they are - individually handcrafted mind you! One word I would use to describe the process: consistency. I can't think of anything more that I would want in a product I would buy. I know what brand of ski I'm going to be buying next. So, thank you Eddie Roberts Jr and the folks we met at Radar it truly was an awesome experience. Thank you BOS for providing the platform to reach out to the industry experts and Pros in our beloved sport. It really is one big family.

Merry Christmas Ballers

Oh yes, I tried on a pair of the new Radar Carbitex boots - great looking boots and very comfortable. Can't wait to get my own pair for next year.

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