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Exercise routine for slalom in off season

Anybody got a good workout routine for the off season that seems to be beneficial for slalom skiers? I usually don't do much in the winter and it takes me most of the ski season to get back in shape to run more than one set. It's usually too cold here in Ky to do much outside until March and I have plenty of gym equipment (Nautilus NS300 weight machine, treadmill, recumbent bike, elliptical machine), I just don't know the best routine to keep me in decent slalom shape.


  • GAJ0004GAJ0004 Posts: 1,095 Baller
    P90x and Insanity workouts. The company that makes them has a hybrid schedule for the two workouts. They are better than any workout than I ever got at the gym.
    Gary Janzig Streetsboro Ohio, skis at Lake Latonka, Mercer Pennsylvania slalom,trick,kneeboard,barefoot
  • LeonLLeonL Posts: 2,364 Crazy Baller
    edited January 2017
    Hey Jim, concentrate on core exercises with emphasis on the back. Toss in a good dose of aerobics and you'll be good. But you can't ignore the advantages of full body weight training. Get a routine that hits all muscle groups.
    Leon Leonard Stillwater Lake KY - SR Driver SR Judge
  • jhughesjhughes Posts: 1,022 Mega Baller
    Crossfit has absolutely transformed my spring ski readiness factor. Before, even in my 20's, the first few skis in the spring would DESTROY my body. Now I might have just the mildest soreness after that first set, if anything. The formula is simple: in skiing you manage a load with your hands that meets the water at your feet, all the way at the opposite end of your body. Everything in between has to be in top shape to manage that and that is most of the lifts used in the CF programming. All the oly lifting, for example. Rowing, pullups, muscle-ups, etc. all hit heavy back and lat areas used in skiing on top of that.
  • bishop8950bishop8950 Posts: 1,171 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    What @jhughes said. I have seen crossfit transform skiers. My wife went from barely being able to get up 6x in a row at the end of a season to nearly setting a PB in her first ride the very next spring have only done crossfit over the winter. And she was not sore.

    I would bet other dynamic programs like P90x would be great as well but I have less experience.

    Regarding specific movements, I think cleans, deadlifts, rowing and pull ups are huge for ski fitness. But most people don't get how much it helps to strengthen everything you don't need to hold the load from the boat. It will stabilize you, reduce movement and lowers risk of injury.

    It's personal though, figure out what works for you. Next season I am going to hit crossfit all Sumer and lower my number of rides per week from 8 to around 6. It's an experiment. But last season I skied my best in that routine and when I stopped the gym and just skied more my scores slowly went down.
  • epnaultepnault Posts: 335 Crazy Baller
    I am doing the branded crossfire now since September last year. Before this I was doing HIIT workouts that were all body movement without weights. I had the endurance before but I had not realized how weak I had become until I started crossfit. What you find is your strength will increase and movement are very similar to what your body needs to do while in the course. I can't comment on the results on the ski until spring but my stats prove I am getting stronger and stronger each week.
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,716 Mega Baller
    While I haven't done crossfit personally, I know many friends that do it and love it. You need to be a bit cautious though as there seems to be a larger percentage of injuries in crossfit than in, say P90X, which I also don't do. While I now live in Orlando and work out with a trainer, when I lived in the remote reaches of NY, @bkreis designed monthly workouts and sent them to me via the Internet. He was always available for questions, encouragement, etc. I always started the season in great shape and I never got hurt. Just a thought.
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • bkreisbkreis Posts: 304 Baller
    Thanks @lpskier , I love working with skiers! Anyone interested may message me.
  • WishWish Posts: 8,008 ★★★Triple Panda Award Recipient ★★★
    A fun cross training winter sport is indoor rock climbing/boldering. It will hit you HARD in all the right places. Grip/core/legs/ankles/back/ And like skiing once you start up that wall (enter the course) stopping is not an option and even though you are harnessed in, it is not an option to fall off the wall in ones head (crash in the water). Similar adrenaline rush.
    >>> 11.25..a different kettle of fish. <<<
  • bishop8950bishop8950 Posts: 1,171 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    2nd that for rock climbing. Super fun as well.
  • jjackkrashjjackkrash Posts: 642 Crazy Baller
    Deadlifts, squats, pullups and overhead press. Then toss in some heavy farmers carries and 40 yard prowler sprints.
  • sunvalleylawsunvalleylaw Posts: 1,259 Mega Baller
    I am interested in cross fit but blew a lower back disc a few years ago. Some of the exercises make me concerned I would re-injure myself. Any input on that?
  • RazorRoss3RazorRoss3 Posts: 1,356 Mega Baller
    If you do the lifts right before pushing weight you won't get hurt. If you try to push weight before you have the technique right you will get hurt. Very similar to skiing.

    The crossfit movements and great for functional strength and day to day mobility and if done correctly will almost certainly make you a better skier. They will also help keep the winter weight off which will also make you a better skier.
  • auskierauskier Posts: 457 Baller
    Getting hurt doing crossfit is not any higher probability than doing something you shouldnt do skiing. Going for that one extra rep, when you are fatigued and you are compromising on good technique when you probably should rest, is no different to getting in an eye peeling lean lock out of 5 ball on your hardest pass. You know you sure as hell should have popped the handle before the white water, but you held on anyway and that trough off the second wake is going to eat you and send you supermaning to 6 ball in a 'ball of spray'.. see what I did there..
  • cragginshredcragginshred Posts: 705 Crazy Baller
    Winter water skiing, climbing outdoors 90% of the year. This winter however I have spent the past 3 weeks off real rock due to the monster storms coming through California. Also Mt biking and core routines in the PT clinic at work.

    In the Cali foothills of Sonora we enjoy a typically mild winter and the cliffs sit above the valley fog and below the snow so folks travel from all over to climb here in the winter!
    Vapor pro 2017
  • sodbuster88sodbuster88 Posts: 136 Baller
    Crawling around, in and on an f-body winter rebuild will keep you limber, calloused and mentally strong!!!!
  • RichardDoaneRichardDoane Posts: 4,359 Mega Baller
    crossfit and weights are great, but don't forget the flexibility and core improvement that comes with a yoga practice
    BallOfSpray Pacific Northwest Vice President of Event Management, aka "Zappy"
  • brettmainerbrettmainer Posts: 282 Crazy Baller
    Cross fit is hard work. Makes you sweat and can give you callouses.
    Suggest 12oz curls.
    When feeling strong, up the weight and lower the reps and do 22oz curls. If money is tight and biceps are strong, 40oz curls are a a possibility.
  • Razorskier1Razorskier1 Posts: 3,425 Mega Baller
    variety. Also, do as many things that (a) require full body strength and (b) offer some assymetry. For example, if you use dumbbells to do things like lat raises or curls, do only one side at a time and don't hold an offsetting weight. This forces you to balance and use your core. If you want to make it better still, stand on one leg, or stand on one leg on a bosu ball. That throws balance into the mix in addition to core plus the main exercise you are doing. Try to make sure all of your exercises engage multiple parts and movements. Try to avoid sitting on a machine doing any exercise -- great for muscle isolation and perhaps rehab, but not very applicable to skiing.

    A new one I just picked up is the 'Jefferson Deadlift". Look it up -- too hard to explain!
    Jim Ross
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,716 Mega Baller
    Tele skiing is also a big part of my winter "legs" workout. Just got home from five days hitting the western gym.
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • JoepruncJoeprunc Posts: 271 Baller
    @lpskier I couldn't agree more, I also mix in motocross.
  • ColeGiacopuzziColeGiacopuzzi Posts: 451 Open or 55K Rated Skier
    edited January 2017
    @RichardDoane Agree 150% I started yoga last summer, I try to focus on my core more than anything. Also stretching and strengthening the muscles around my hips, since they take such abuse during the season
  • AlakeyAlakey Posts: 1 New Baller
    At home I have only elliptical machine, but I`m visiting a gym every 3 days
  • bbruzzesebbruzzese Posts: 123 Baller
    Kettlebells are also a great tool...swings, cleans and deadlifts etc. Work all the right muscle groups including grip and can be done in a relatively small space.
  • david_quaildavid_quail Posts: 168 Baller
    Very good points made by all. Somehow I feel wrong if I allow a thread like this go by without giving, based on my own experiences with various training programs, a thumbs up to CrossFit (as others have done as well).

    Nothing will prevent you from being stiff after your first day back on the water. Nothing. But if the relevant muscles are in shape (via CrossFit or other) it’s days rather than weeks of stiffness. But more than that, you’ll have the strength to carry you through the season performing better, and with a lower risk of injury.

    Kettlebells, core, pull ups, Olympic lifts, deadlifts, high intensity intervals, farmer carries, sled pushes all translate to slalom well, and incidentally are all emphasized in CrossFit. If you have the time and money, it’s way more enjoyable to do these in a competitive group setting, than making your own workouts up and then throwing weights around in your garage/local gym by yourself. Slalomers seem to be the type of people who thrive obsessively in competitive environments so I reckon many would enjoy this type of exercise setting

    Apologies for sounding like an infomercial :\
  • ktm300ktm300 Posts: 408 Solid Baller
    About 10 years ago, Brian Kreis helped me for a little over a year. Those workouts have been the foundation for me ever since with some variation. The more I learned over the years, the more I recognized the wisdom and knowledge in the workouts he created. Really A+ stuff.
  • bkreisbkreis Posts: 304 Baller
    @ktm300 thx, and glad the knowledge kept itself going!!!!
  • lpskierlpskier Posts: 2,716 Mega Baller
    If you don’t have in person access to a well qualified water ski specific trainer, @bkreis is your best option.

    Define “well qualified?” If he or she trained Andy Mapple for ten or more years at his peak.
    John Wilkins- Si non pro sanguine quem ludus ne. #iskiconnelly
  • dave2balldave2ball Posts: 688 Crazy Baller
    If you go to this web site will give you the spartan training that is functional for slalom. It uses free weights and is a circuit work out. And it’s free.
    They send you a week of workouts every Monday. Like anything else you get out of it what you put into it.
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