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Rube Goldberg Saves The Day!

rodeconrodecon Posts: 195 Baller
So we had an unseasonably warm day today in the Northeast and my ski buddy @web and I decide to take advantage of it and go for a quick rip, I hastily un-winterized my boat for this adventure and realize the new impeller I ordered in the fall never arrived........No biggie, I'll install the old one....It's a bit chewed up but it'll do the trick......O crap, I don't have a gasket, not a big deal I think, were just going out for a quick ski, it'll probably drip a bit but no big deal right? WRONG!, we get out on the water and as soon as we hit 34 mph the motor starts sucking air and is water starved, water gushing out of the pump assembly, CRAP, what to do? Latex gloves to the rescue! Thanks to some quick thinking from @web he thoughtfully donated one of his latex gloves as a rudimentary on water quick fix and viola, worked like a charm!

Where there's a will, there's a way!



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