Drysuit seal repair

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With ski season quickly approaching in the northwest it's time for some drysuit seal repairs. Ive done it a few times in the past, and I will call the results functional by utilitarian standards but not pretty. I'm curious to hear your methods for doing an A+ seal repair.


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    I've heard good things from people who sent their O'Neill suit back to them for repairs. I've also seen adds for Adrenaline Water Sports in WA.
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    Do you have a local scuba shop? The one near me is a bit pricey but fast and good.
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    Blown Out Wetsuit Repair in Santa Cruz Ca. is top notch. As a New Yorker, I've done business with them several times over the years, always with very satisfactory results. Five stars.
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    Send to Wiley's. their gal is terrific.
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    I have pvc pipe cut 4" needs to fit tight in sleeve I slide in for support then clean good fold back seal apply glue flip fold back over suit and walla I used a ball in the neck it's a little trickier also wellers contact cement works great and that info came directly from scuba shop and I've used it many times.the price of seals it almost worth sending it to aderiniline it like 180 bucks for all I think .
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