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Will Asher Talks About His All New 2017 HO Syndicate Hardshell Boot

HortonHorton Posts: 27,773 Administrator

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  • jayskijayski Posts: 805 Mega Baller
    One thing they didn't mention about the liner is that there is a great heel pocket, it has two protrusions on the side that fill the area just above your heel on either side of your Achilles giving it a great custom fit feeling. Having switched from a Reflex to the HO I can attest that the HO is more responsive to input which I would credit to the definitive 3D printed foot bed and compared to the black reflex boot I feel the HO shell is a little stiffer also. I had the typical bondo constructed heel cup for the Reflex to eliminate side shift which helped but still is no comparison.
  • perfskiperfski Posts: 111 Water Ski Industry Professional
    @jayski good call on the J-Bars. The liner is a big deal and when you heat mold them they really seem to fit great. We basically had Will do an impromtu video for us while he was in the shop. I can tell you that he was really happy with the boots and to be skiing in stock boots for once sold by the company. The softer shell / liner / 3D mold on the plate he couldn't say enough great things on. Was also interested to hear him talk about how he measures boot placement "around" the fin / not over it. Part of the reason we ask skiers for this type of info. He seemed REALLY positive on his skiing so I would expect big things from him in Moomba.
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