AWSA approves new slalom course layout

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AWSA has unveiled it's latest innovation to boost our sport's growth - the Universal Slalom Course (USC).

Following the successful implementation of the mini-course into NCWSA competition, AWSA is introducing a similar concept with USC. Organization leaders claim the new design dovetails nicely with ZBS, allowing skiers of all ability levels to compete at their own comfort level. In addition to enhancing the competitor's experience, judging is touted to be much easier.

Changes to the course include:
- elimination of gate balls
- symmetrical - skier may start left or right
- additional balls: mini-course (1/4 point balls) and maxi-course (1 point balls)
- any combination of mini-, midi-, maxi-course balls may be rounded in a pass
- A complete pass must total at least 1.5 to continue on to next pass

Green mini-course and orange midi-course balls are at the same width as the current mini and standard course widths, respectively. Maxi-course balls are located 15m from the course centerline and are intended to stimulate competition at the highest levels for years to come.

USC has been approved for Class C,E, and L and can be used in R at the discretion of the LOC. Class F may opt to use the patent pending DRJM course adjustment system to reduce course difficulty for novice skiers. If DRJM is used, 1/4 point ball scores are reduced to 1/8 and 1/2 point balls to 1/4.

A new ZBS scoring chart will be distributed to align with the new course in 2018.

Is it time to ski, yet?
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    It's April 1 right?
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    Nice try!!
    Bob Grizzi
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    ...and in the ABC Rules, the Open Division barefoot jumpers will use the standard AWSA
    ramp set at 5 feet.

    (This was first published in a WaterSki Magazine Column several years ago, titled "April
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    One of your funnier April 1 posts....
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    I just hope the real rules committee does see this....they just might....
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    What @Than_Bogan - was that a spoiler disagree?
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    the bouy manufacturers are going to love this ! Ezslalom gonna have their work cut out
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    That's awesome!
    Keith Lindemulder
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    Well, I got one of these. I can't say for sure if it's as prestigious and sought after as a Panda, but it is an award

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    @Horton s coveted Crap Award. Well done!!!!
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