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Season wrapping up

ralral Posts: 1,884 Mega Baller
While you are starting, we are wrapping up our season in Chile. Nationals were held last weekend, and my oldest daughter got 1st in both slalom and tricks, while the youngest got 2nd in tricks.

Rodrigo Andai
jcampBill22Andre[Deleted User]bajaMarcoski6jonesThe_MSChef23Mike GileWishThan_Bogan6ballsgt2003


  • Bill22Bill22 Posts: 1,763 Mega Baller
    Awesome that your girls crushed it at Nationals, sad your season is ending :/
  • Alberto SoaresAlberto Soares Posts: 354 Solid Baller
    Congratulations Rodrigo, come ski with me during your winter.
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