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Sun Devil Waterski is Shipwrecked

Sun Devil Waterski is having a tough day off the water as our ECU on our boat broke today, and we are stranded in the middle of tournament season without a boat yet again. Members are doing everything we possibly can to scrape up some funds to get back on the water and practicing what we love.

Our team has been very diligent this spring season about skiing, working hard, as well as giving back to others anyway we can. With off days going to volunteer work, and supporting other club teams we are trying to leave the best impression we possibly can for waterskiing!!

We are shooting for a goal of $2000 to get the parts we need to get back to close out Spring season as strong as possible. We would really appreciate any donations or support you are willing to give. It has always been our goal to Maintain Excellence on and off the water, and would not be able to do it without the support we have had from our fans, friends, and loving families.

Thanks again, and Go Devils!

Instagram: @sundevilwaterski

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