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!990 ProStar History Mystery? Your Guess?

MDB1056MDB1056 Posts: 361 Solid Baller
I live in Central Arkansas. Last summer my daughter found a 1990 ProStar for sale (private owner) and called me to look it over as she's been wanting to buy her first boat. I crawled all over this boat on two separate occassions and then drove it fo an hour. I told her if she didn't buy it I was going to whether I needed another boat or not. 505 hrs, all original, just dirty and needed TLC and a couple minor things. Starter had a slight hesitation and a slight drip on raw water pump. Both easy replacements. Came with original dual axle Mastercraft trailer, cover, dual fresh batteries, and two extra impellers. A few dings but nothing major at all. Tired interior but no rips or splits. Here's the mystery though. When I looked at the rear of the boat my immediate first thought though was it was previously a club boat. In the picture you'll see Water Walkers and a pair of bare feet as a logo. It looks though like it could have been put on at the factory. Well I loooked for clubs with the name and found only one in Wisc but they had no knowledge of ever having a 90 as a club boat. Kept looking around and then in a wildcard search I found an ad in a 1991 Water Skier magazine for company in California called Water Walkers that had the same feet for W's and they made observer mirrors for boats back in the 90's. BINGO! Well maybe not quite. Of course they are out of business now and I haven't been able to find anything about anyone who might have been part of the company.

OK so could this have been a promo boat for Water Walkers originally? Might WW have paid a fee to put their name on a promo boat for the 1990 Calif circuit for exposure? Other explanations for how that company's name got onthe back of the boat? I'm not at all knowledgeable about promo boats or how companies get names on them etc. I was inclined to take the name off and buff it out but she likes it as it's unique and since it's her boat.. I replaced the starter and raw water pump, cap, rotor, plugs, changed all fluids and we put 60 hours on it. Bulletproof boat. Runs like a top. She bought it for a SONG!

Any guesses on how / why the name on this would be appreciated. I dropped Mastercraft a couple of e mails but never heard anything . Might give them a call but thought I'd ask the BOS gurus first. thanks much

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