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HortonHorton Posts: 28,150 Administrator
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Together You Thrive. 1

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Our family has been blessed to be involved in Waterskiing. To support our passion we present you KRV COLLECTIVE. 

KRV COLLECTIVE (pronounced “CARVE”) sells Swag, Hats and Accessories online. Our goal is to share our success with the waterski community. We are already supporting the Waterski National Team, the Water Ski Ontario Team, The 2017 Water ski Canadian Open. We have also created a limited edition apparel called “Ski or Die” with Water Ski Jump World Champion Ryan Dodd. A few other athletes collaborations will be announced in the Spring.
Call it a passion project! It has been highly rewarding to do it as a family. Our two boys can be very tough business partners at times but I guess that makes our family dinner only more enjoyable…

Please check out Looking forward to your support! Kris, Leo, Ty and Yannick Bigourdan

- Pronounced “Carve” Collective – We love sports of any kind, really. But the ones we like best usually involve carving, swerving, and jumping. Our gear was created with that in mind – to be worn before and after doing what we truly love. We bring together like-minded people to create exciting opportunities. KRV Collective is committed to share our success with athletes and sports organizations. We are a COLLECTIVE – we cannot exist without your support –
the more you help, the more we give back.

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