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Hi Everyone, I just joined ballofspray! I have been skiing for a while, but my husband and I just bought a Mastercraft ProStar and I decided I needed to actually buy a real ski to go with it. I have been skiing whatever mostly fits that's in the ski shed, which happens to be a really old O'Brien competition slalom ski, like 25+ years old I am sure. I am sure it was great back in the day, but skis have changed a lot since then. I have pretty much plateaued and need something to help me improve and get some more confidence to ski harder. I ski open water, about 26mph. I don't turn that hard (but I want to!) and don't really link my turns very well. Sometimes it takes a couple of times before I get up and crashing isn't uncommon! I am told I need to ski faster, like 28mph and I need to learn how to cut through the wake better. I want to improve and maybe try the course someday thought I am pretty far from that! I would still like a ski I can improve with. I have tired an inexpensive beginner slalom ski but wasn't a fan. I am not all that familiar with the latest and greatest, but whatever I can get I am sure will be an improvement. I don't want to spend more than $500 and am hoping to bet a deal on ski it again or somewhere online. So far, I am looking at HO TX, HO CX and looks like the Radar Lyric is popular, but I can't find a good deal on that ski. My husband is a proficient slalom skier and working on improving in the course and loves his HO CX. I am 5'1" about 120lbs, so I am thinking a 65" would be good. Any recommendations would be appreciated!! Thanks!


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    @KatieJ my wife just took her first ride on her new ski, 2014 HO TX. Years ago she used a hand-me down Connelly. Recently she was using 1/2 combo set so the ability to compare to other modern slalom skis isn't quite there. My opinion would be to try something if that's available or go with a shop that has a satisfaction guarantee.

    Ammy's report was the ski felt easy to get up on, stable, smooth to turn and comfortable crossing the wakes. Again by comparison to what she has been using anything in you list would provide similar attributes.
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    Hey Katie. My wife was in the same position as you and went with the Radar Lyric. She quickly went from skiing 26 mph to 30 mph.

    I believe Wiley's has the 2016 Lyric on closeout right now.
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    Barely related: I can think of no reason you need the boat to go faster. Learn the course at the slowest speed you can plane properly. At 120 lbs, 26 is fine for open water, and I'd go even slower in the course.
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    @KatieJ I would highly recommend a 65" CX, given that the ski will serve you very well both outside of the course and, when the time will come, inside. Also, make sure you find a comfortable and good quality set of bindings, no matter if you use two or one plus kicker.
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    Dr. Moe rode her new D3 ARC-s last night and whipped right through 28 off and ran a few on the mean green first set out. Would have rather seen her on a Radar product but she got the killer deal on the ski. She skied on a Goode for years so the D-3 was a easy transition. Mrs. Jody Rides a 64" HO Syndicate red top A something, Yes we are a house divided as Steve-O and I rock the Radar vapor.
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    My wife skis on a lyric also and loves it.
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    My wife bought a radar lyric a couple years back and can now run the course at 26 mph. She is working her way up in speed. It has worked our well for her and others who have tried it. Once my ten year old start running passes into the lower 20 mph range, he may use her ski too.
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    Radar Lyric is a great ski. @Shell i believe got her's this past year if i remember correctly!
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    Yes, i have a Rader Lyric and LOVE IT! @KatieJ IMHO, you should go with this ski. I have double boot bindings also.
  • KatieJKatieJ Posts: 8 Baller
    Thanks for the comments everyone! Looks like the Lyric has the most votes! I am going to see if I can find a good deal on a 2016 Lyric and if not, there is a good deal on an HO CX on ski it again. I will let you know how I make out! Oh, anyone know what the HO Couture is comparable to? There is a good deal on an older one of those as well. Thanks!
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    I just posted a like new V-Type R on Ski-it-again. 67 w/ dbl XMax
  • KatieJKatieJ Posts: 8 Baller
    Hi Everyone, thanks again for the advice. I found a shop that allowed me to demo a ski before buying and I am the proud new owner of a 2017 Radar Lyric with double boots. And it's awesome! Only a few runs so far on it but already feeling more confident and comfortable at a bit higher speed. I ended up with a 63" vs 65" and it seems to be fine so far. Thanks for the help, I am having a blast and finally have a ski that fits me and one I can progress with!
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    You will love it, my wife is on a lyric
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    hmm... 63" at 120 lb.

    sounds like a lot of fun freesking but a little small if you want to slow the boat down in the course and work on fundamentals. Anyway have fun with it Radar makes a great product.
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