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Installing Heater in a Carbon Pro

CentCent Posts: 200 Baller

The air temperature was 42 degrees and the water was 48 degrees when I took my first ski ride of the year. Time for a boat heater for the driver.

I have a Carbon Pro 6.0 at my house about to go in the water for the first time this weekend, and a new Heater Craft heater that just arrived. I am wondering if anyone has installed one of these in a Carbon Pro. Getting the water hoses under the floor from the engine compartment and then up above the floor in the bow where the heater needs to go looks like a challenge. Even getting the heater up there with vent hoses etc. may be a challenge.

If anyone has useful information it would be greatly appreciated.

I have installed these heaters 15 plus years ago, in Mastercrafts and Centurions but things were more accessible in the boats in those years.

Thanks for any help.
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