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Ez slalom stainless mainline question

Justin_CJustin_C Posts: 226 Baller
Just bought a new mainline to replace my old one. I went with EZ Slalom and Ed was awesome to deal with! Just had one question that I was wondering what people are doing. My old mainline had loops that went over the buoy arms but this one has two looped ends that came zip tied together. Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on how I'm supposed to attach this to the buoy arm?



  • jetpilotg4jetpilotg4 Posts: 320 Solid Baller
    I think Ed sends it that way so it will all fit neatly on the spool, I remember have a C connection ( not sure what the real name is) and that connects the two mainline ends to the eye bolts that go through PVC
  • robbrobb Posts: 12 Baller
    Put the thread of an eye bolt through both of the swagged ends. and then through drilled hole in boy arms at width required. Use eye of eye bolt for leader line up to boat guide.
  • ZmanZman Posts: 1,585 Mega Baller
    He doesn't use the circle loops to slide over the ends of the PVC anymore?
  • Justin_CJustin_C Posts: 226 Baller
    @Zman I guess not. I was a little surprised but the more I think about it the more I like this way as it allows for individual sections to be replaced without the need for crimping and cutting. As long as the ways to attach to the pipes work good than I'm happy!
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