AWSA Delays Full Level 10 Implementation

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The American Water Ski Association has announced the new Level 10 rule that was passed at the AWSA board of directors’ meeting in January will not be implemented in its entirety until the start of the 2018 ski year (after the 2017 GOODE Water Ski National Championships). Due to programming demands to make all of the parts of the new rule to work, the AWSA board has voted to delay parts of this new rule until programming can be complete.

What does this mean? AWSA will still track a list of L10 skiers at http://www.usawaterski.......L10List.pdf, but these skiers can ski in Open, Masters, or their respective age division for the remainder of the 2017 ski year.

There are two parts of rule 3.03 that will remain in effect.

1.) Rule 3.03F4 “Skiers with a Level 9 or 10 qualification in one or two events and skiing in a tournament with placement, such as Regional or National tournaments, may ski in the Elite division for placement and may also ski a second time in their age division event, for Overall score purposes only, if desiring to compete for Overall placement.”

2.) Rule 3.03C2c “Open, Level 10 ranked skiers may ski in their respective age division for score only and no placement. Their scores will be posted in the Open division and will not be included in the age division rankings list for that event(s). This option would not apply at Regionals or Nationals.”

“We will now have the opportunity to view the progress of this new rule regarding the elite athletes,” said AWSA President Jeff Surdej. “There has been quite a lot of feedback and this is a great opportunity for us to test it out and continue to make any necessary upgrades to this rule.”

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    Sanity prevails! A reasonable compromise with all things considered.
    I'm Ancient. WTH do I know?
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