Sequence Plate vs Double Plate

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Just wondering if I should use the sequence plate or double plates on my new ski. What differences will I feel between the two? I just got a 66" 2017 Vapor Graphite, I have double Vapor boots (2016). I always used the sequence plate on my D3 Z7. I'm 57, female, 155-160 lbs, ski 15 off, 28-32 mph. I have only taken 3 sets on the ski and am loving it, it is very smooth and stable, a little faster across the wake than my old D3 (I'm guessing it was shot after 7 years....). The boots are currently mounted on the sequence plate. Thanks!


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    the difference you will feel will be only in relation to the different mounting locations the 2 provide. you will not get the single plates in the same location as the sequence and the front single does not offer as much adjustment as the sequence. Mind you the rear single offers greater adjust-ability to the rear boot on a sequence IMO. If you want to use the doubles, buy the Mikro-Just and drill out the slots on the front plate.

    I have both sets and prefer the sequence, going on 9 years with the same one.
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    If you're loving the ski I wouldn't change a darn thing. The only time you might possibly feel any difference would be if you are using the little "neck washers" at the tip and tail of the Sequence Plate which allow a slight bit more flex by not restricting those areas of the ski.
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    The other benefit of the Sequence plate is the ability to move your bindings forward or back by 1/2 hole compared to standard plates by simply choosing where to put the middle screws: the holes for the heal of the front foot vs. the holes for the toe of the back foot. (If you need even finer position adjustments, seek out a Mikro-Just.) I also like the fact that with 6 screws, I can pull the whole binding system off one ski and mount to another. Great way to demo skis when moving to a new year model.
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  • mopowpowmopowpow Posts: 318 Baller
    I am using the spacer washers on the front and back. Guess I like a little more flex, also why I went with the Graphite instead of Lithium.
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    I find a significant difference to the way the ski flexes depending on how you fasten the Sequence plate to the ski.
    • No neck washers—least flex for a slightly stiffer faster ski
    • Neck washers just in the front—higher tip pressures with less tip in the water and minimum tail rocker supporting max acceleration
    • Neck washers just in the back—tip pressure builds further forward for less tip-bite and extra tail rocker promotes tighter carved turns
    • Neck washers front and back—maximizes flex for tight carved turns at the expense of slightly reduced acceleration
    While I lean towards using the neck washers in just the back of the plate, I won't say this is its best setup because it depends on the ski. Skis all flex differently, especially among different brands.

    The double plates seem to flex somewhat between the Sequence with neck washers in both ends and no neck washers at all, i.e. with the ski flexing in the middle like a Sequence with neck washers in both ends, but with a slightly stiffer tip and tail. The double plate option also weighs less than the Sequence plate.

    It's a bit harder to turn a stiffer ski, and a bit harder to accelerate a softer ski. And while most novice skiers need all the speed they can get (try less or no wing), a softer ski is usually more supportive of progress for a novice than a stiffer ski.

    So great choice @mopowpow! ... Your ski should be your dance partner, not a wrestling opponent
  • mopowpowmopowpow Posts: 318 Baller
    @skijay, glad you mentioned the wing, I started to ski without one several years ago. Couldn't believe the extra speed, it allowed me to start my turn earlier. Thx
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