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I recently bought a pair of older Connelly jumpers online. I reached out to Connelly to try and find a way to re-edge them as they were cut down. Connelly said they are unsafe. I bought them for my 9yo son who is just getting into waterskiing. Im a ft single dad and work crazy hours. He joined a small team with a ramp and I want to get him some jumpers. I jumped for years and loved it. But ski it again and all the other selling want $1000+. Any help or direction would be appreciated. I don't have a huge wallet. But I want him to experience what I did.


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    Can you elaborate a little more on what condition the edge is in now? Pictures would help
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    No manufacturer is going to recommend anything for cut down skis due to the lawyers and liability issues. For a 9yo riding and plopping i would think you could epoxy the edges and be fine.

    A couple of questions and recommendations:
    How much are they cut down? Cut down skis and a 9yo are perfect for a mini ramp, but may be short to plop off a 5ft and he probably doesnt have the leg strength to absorb a 5ft drop yet. Be careful that he doesnt get discouraged by going off the top before he's ready.

    Have him spend time riding the skis, jumping the wakes and running the slalom course. Slow the boat down as much as you need so he can run a full pass at long line, then bump up the speed. 10-12 mph would be a good speed to start.

    Once he starts going over the top, you will want 72" skis. You can actually find those used, but they will likely be old.
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