Beginner slalom ski ?

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Hi all.
I'm relatively new to waterskiing. Started a little less than 3 years ago and I've slowly made my way up to running my first full pass (@ 28mph, 15-off) yesterday. I'm on a D3 Quest 45 and I'm wondering if this is too much ski for me at 28mph, or if I should just keep learning on it? I have the opportunity to purchase a 2015 Radar Senate Lithium and I'm wondering what I should do. Part of me thinks that I should just keep at it on my D3, but the other part thinks I should get the wider Senate. This is certainly NOTHING against my D3 - it's a great ski - just wondering if I would be better learning on a ski that's not so far above my skill level.


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    The Senate, assuming its the correct size will be a lot less work that the Quest.
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    I'm in the same boat as you.. I have ran 15 off at 28mph a handful of times. I ski on a 2012 Senate alloy. It's very forgiving.. I've been thinking about upgrading a bit to the Senate Lithium... I guess the lithium will be quite a bit lighter ski than alloy..
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    @gregy I weigh 175 lbs and both my D3 and the Senate I'm looking at are 67 inches. Thanks!
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    67 sounds right on the senate. At your level you could stand to go bigger on the quest. Have you read Hortons review's on the Senate and Conelly Carbon V. Quest is a great ski but I think you'll progress quicker on an intermediate ski.
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