HO Syndicate Hardshell size advise?

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I am new into the forum as a member, but have read the posts occasionally for several years. Now chimed in with You in hope for insight on Syndicate Hardshells.

I am recovering from a back surgery done a year and a half ago and looking forward to ski this season. Had a bad lower back disc bulge while waterskiing that needed to be taken care of. I live in Finland, Europe and the season is pretty darn short over here...

Now decided to update my bindings. I ski on a Fischer #1 yellow with double Approach bindings (and no, the bindings did not have anything to do with the disc bulge ;) ). The bindings are worn out, so need to update. I have decided to go for HO Syndicate Hardshell with HO vMax ChopTop rear.

The problem is that I am not sure about the binding size. My foot is size EU43 (or to be exact size EU42 ¾). It seems to fall in between sizes of US8-9 and US10-11 as it equals to US9 1/2. My hockey skates, alpineski boots and running shoes are size US 9 ½. My Approach's have been of size L and sure M would have been too small (though preferably the bindings could have been slightly smaller). I have pretty wide footbed, so need some room there. I did ask about the sizing from HO, but did not get an answer. No chance to try different sizes locally. About to order size US10-11, any opinion on this?

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    My foot is EU 41.5 (Alpine boots 26.5). My Syndicate shell is 8-9 and big toe slightly touches front of the boot when boot is unbuckled. The shell seats on my foot very-very tight.
    Your foot is bigger - I would suggest you (w/o responsibility) go one size up, though is very much depends how slim your foot is and width of last. My foot is relatively wide and high.

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    Thanks Oldboyll, this helps me out!

    My alpine boots are 27.5 and big toe touches the front of the boot when unbuckled. Need to get the 10-11 then. And I sure won't come back complaining if those end up being too loose, no worries about that.
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    I have a size 9.5 US foot, wear the 8-9 syndicates and my skates are 7.5d Bauers. All fit snug but not too tight.
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    My skates are 8EE (double E meaning wide) Bauer's (US9.5, UK 8.5, EUR 43). Would not have a chance to fit in 7.5D. Seems that the best option is to have the bigger size and do adjustments if needed... At this age of over 40 my feet are not getting any bigger :D
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    @JKa Sorry to stir things up, I'm the exact size as you and I tried a HO hardshell 10-11 and felt that it would be a sloppy fit once heat molded and broken in. If I would buy a pair it would be 8-9s, then again you say you run large with Approaches where I ran M when I had them. For further comparison I was on Vapors size 10 but had to give those up because my feet were too wide and that was the reason I went with hardshell. Currently on the black Reflex she'll size 8 ( their size L) and they are a perfect fit with the thin liner. My actual foot length is 27.3 cm.
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    Why not to order two kits and return one which does not fit?
    One way (return) shipping cost will be a price for guaranteed comfort...
    Travel to nearest retailer to try would cost you a lot more ))
    Sounds weird... but I did it couple of times after agreement with seller. It worked out
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    Thanks a lot for Your comments! I am not sure if my life got any easier :) But getting exactly what I hoped for when signing in the forum (educated opinions) :)

    If I had the opportunity, I certainly would try out both sizes. I have ordered my gear before from several webshops in Europe, US and Canada. Mostly from a German webshop and they do not stock HO Syndicate Hardshell what seems to be the situation with most of the EU webshops. They promised to order me one, not sure if theý would be willing to order additional one which then would be on their stock (they do stock other HO gear and Reflex shells as well). I'll discuss with them.
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    I was on M approach bindings and went with the 8-9 HO Hardshell. My foot measured just over 26cm, and I wear a size 9-9.5 shoe.
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    I have a very wide US 10.5 foot. Some football cleats, and hockey skates at 10.5 simply don't fit my foot width. Or they require a lot of stretching.
    So I was pleasantly surprised that my foot fits nicely into a 10-11 Syndicate hardshell. Albeit the mid strap is at it's widest setting.
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    Thanks a lot to You all for the advise. I went back and forth with the decision and at the end of last week ordered 8-9's. Was not an easy decision. Let's see how it goes. I have couple of times before had my alpine ski boot outsoles reformed to suit my foot if the heat molding of the insole has not been enough. I'll comment back once I have received the bindings (should take around 10 days).
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    Try the shell without a liner, if you have ample room without pressure points it is simply a matter of heat molding the liner.
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