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Linc Screen Out

wdm3000wdm3000 Posts: 5 Baller
Hey Everyone, I've been a lurker for a few years and finally got a 2015 200 OB last summer and myself and my kids back into course skiing. My linc screen went out and has been to a dealership for almost a month now and I'm feeling a bit helpless. At first they told me it was just the screen and a new one would fix it. That seemed to match the threads I've seen on here. New screen came in, and still won't fire up. They told me Nautique said it was the PDA (I think) a module that manages the power to the linc. After waiting almost 10 days, this came in, and still dark. The dealership seems to be a loss and is saying Nautique isn't much help. Anyone ran into similar issues with replacing linc screen? I'm in Montana and am panicking as our short summer passes us by. Any help is much appreciated.


  • jedgelljedgell Posts: 360 Baller
    @wdm3000 where are you at? I'm in Bozeman but know skiers all over the state. Do you have it at Kurts? I'd start raising hell to get it fixed. Go up the line to manager.
    Justin Edgell - Bozeman, MT
  • wdm3000wdm3000 Posts: 5 Baller
    I have it at Fast Toys in Kalispell. They just put the blame on Nautique. I was thinking of trying to call Nautique directly. The threads I've read seem to say this was a fairly common issue.
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