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Awesome Skiing with Kiwi at Ski Fluid

eleeskieleeski Posts: 3,975 Infinite Pandas
I'm really lucky. Not only is my wife a great driver but she lets me sneak out of the booth at conventions to ski. So when we went to Orlando, I had to plot for a ski ride. Curtis, originally from New Zealand but now one of the SDSU kids, was spending some time in Orlando training with a New Zealand group heading off to Ukraine for a World tournament. He invited me to join them at Ski Fluid for some coaching from Kyle Eade.

Lake Grew is a nice manmade lake right off the freeway. Not huge or super fancy but the water was good even with a headwind. A utility ski lake. It wasn't super crowded but it was busy enough that I got to watch some great skiing. I started to get some jump vibes as I watched Kyle coach the New Zealand kids to safe competence on the ramp. Then @bojans exploded some long jumps with more ramp control than I've ever seen. Wow. I want to try jumping again.

I got chided for whining about my age from the Florida local, Greg. Greg is a couple age divisions ahead of me. He was still able to go out and put on a slalom display of perfect form at some ridiculously short line length. Now I want to slalom too.

I got to trick. It is approaching tournament time so I went off the dock with my run. I flailed a bit and fell at the normal choke points. Kyle had some nice inputs that helped. I'm in the process of losing my TO wrap in (aging sucks as I get worse...). Kyle looked at that trick and adjusted my speed. Brilliant! To see such a basic fix is the mark of a great coach.

I'm not putting enough minutes on the water. So he had me play around a bit after I'd lost the power for serious runs. His Nautique 200 in the warm deep water had a very nice big wake. So the weird tricks I was playing with worked well. So he's got me redesigning my run to show off the flash tricks. Might work. Fun!

His operation is not so structured that he couldn't get his son out on the water for a run. Nice kid with a lot of potential. Fishing with his other boy was fun too. The fish slime on my hands from helping him remove the hook on the fish he caught didn't hurt my grip (hmmm, fish slime grip enhancer?). Good kids, good family.

I've been to a lot of ski schools and gotten a lot of coaching. It's tough for me because I used to be able to do everything I'm working on so I should know everything. When a coach is able to get through my thick skull and have an effect, it's magic. Kyle was that good a coach. Watching his approach with the New Zealand kids, his coaching skills are clear. He also was in the boat coaching actively for every ride I saw. So you will get his talents when you go there. That's kind of special.

Our convention was near Disney. Lake Grew is the easiest to get to from Disney. All easy uncrowded toll free driving down I4 a few miles. Hancock is closer but it took twice as long in traffic to get to Hancock (and it rained out my ride there - we still had a wonderful dinner with Karen and Larry). Duvall's is in the Contemporary but was more for a ride than coaching when I skied there. I've been to Travers in the past but it's a long way from Orlando. I want to try Swiss someday. I should have called Camilo as I've gotten great coaching from him in the past but the Curtis connection was strong to Ski Fluid. Glad I found it and skiing there with Kyle there will certainly be a must do next time I'm in Orlando.

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