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Perfect Pass Issue

SethroSethro Posts: 272 Solid Baller
I thought I'd start here first....2005 RLXI with the Monsoon and PP 6.5 is having a strange issue at times. Basically it won't get to the set speed once in a while, though it holds the slow speed. It only happened for 3 or 4 passes out of 20+ passes last night, so obviously it's an intermittent problem. It also happened once last week. Pulling my friend at 30 it would get to about 28ish and hold there, and no amount of additional throttle would speed it up. Pulling me at 34, it once locked in at 29ish. Pulling another friend at 36 it once locked in at 30ish. My recollection was I heard the beep when it was locked in at slow times, while my friend thinks it didn't. But applying more throttle in both cases didn't help. There doesn't seem to be any kinks or obstructions with the throttle cable, and the servo cable tightens up nicely when starting up...not sure on the servo cable when the problem is actually happening.

Any other ideas to check you guys can come up with? One other thing, when set and holding correctly at any given speed if one applies more throttle it speeds up several mph before slowly and eventually returning to set speed. Whereas on my boat it seems it will barely speed up before PP "fights back" and takes back over immediately.


  • Justin_CJustin_C Posts: 226 Baller
    As with any issue with perfect pass, call them directly. They are awesome to deal with! I'm sure they'll be able to give you some things to try.
    Monkstr6100MISkier[Deleted User]
  • Ski_DadSki_Dad Posts: 396 Baller
    there are several troubleshooting videos and articles on PP site. I used them to test my boat out. very helpful. I have also emailed them several times and Aaron there is super nice tech guy.
  • Monkstr6100Monkstr6100 Posts: 107 Baller
    I second the "run it in RPM mode" comment. My perfect pass never seemed to be to reliable in the mph mode, but since I switched (4 years ago) to rpm mode I have just about ZERO issues.
  • DWDW Posts: 2,024 Mega Baller
    Probably not the issue, but have you moved or set something on the smart timer(s)? They can be sensitive to movement and orientation.
  • SethroSethro Posts: 272 Solid Baller
    I'm wondering if there is an issue with the servo motor/cable. We ran it till it acted up again (finally) and the servo cable wasn't tight as tight as it is when there are no issues. We did use the hand timer to calibrate 36mph before any of these issues started, but we don't time the passes with magnets or the hand timer. It held the rpm when in that mode, but it was only tested for a few passes up/down the lake.

    He's keeping the boat nearly an hour away, and we forgot tools and the electrical tester, but have had no time to tinker with it anyway. Since I noticed the servo cable not as tight as I thought it should be, we've restarted the system to tighten the servo cable after each time we drop and it hasn't happened since...probably 50+ passes.
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