Foot cramp issue

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So I am a 30yo RFF female recreational trick skier. Late last season I started trying my hand (foot? Lol) at toe turns. I ride a quantum with a D3 leverage boot XS. I get my left foot in the handle no problem, and can stand and ride no problem, but when I start working on my turns, I get a massive cramp in the arch of my right foot. Any tips?
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    I sometimes have the same issue. Next time you ski, see if you are curling your toes when you turn. It causes discomfort and sometimes cramping for me too.
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    @eleeski may be the person to talk to
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    The easy solution: get a hardshell with an Intuition liner. Mold the liner with toe caps. It doesn't get more comfortable than that.

    With that said, if you cramp especially quickly on toes only then it's a style issue. Definitely don't curl your toes like @MattP - not only will it cramp your foot but it throws off your balance. Try to relax your foot and feel the entire base of your foot pressuring the ski. With a slight emphasis on pressuring the ball of the foot.

    Really, you just need to get comfortable riding on toes. Spend time riding around on one foot. Jump the wake one footed with a little jump. One footed slalom. Ski ballet. Stick your foot in the harness. Slalom inside the wake on toes. Pull the rope trying to get slack. Bounce around in the toehold. If you can do TB, turn back and slalom around, bounce and pull in TB. Don't just stick the harness on and throw tricks. Play and get comfortable. Comfort will cure the cramps. And make you a better toe tricker.

    Toe tricks are awesome! Keep working at it. The learning curve is very good. There are a lot of points that come quickly. Hands get you in the game, toes win it for you. Plus they are fun and look cool.

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    Thanks so much @eleeski !!! I'll take it back a notch and work on comfort and go from there. Thanks for the tips.
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